Thursday, January 1, 2015

goals for 2015

Aye yay yay.  The past few days have been heavy.  Tuesday the 30th was my wedding anniversary.  Scott and I were married that day 17 years ago.  It was a hard day, going through it with no one knowing how important that day is to me.  I don't expect people to do or say anything - it's just sad that a day that was celebrated between us is now just another day to everyone else.  And then New Year's.  I have entered another year that Scott didn't live to see.  And, yet, I am hopeful that 2015 will be better somehow.

So!  I started my new year by sleeping in until 10:30!!!!  hahaha.  And, got to talk to Mom.  A good way to start I think.

I said I wasn't going to make resolutions, buuuuut.  I keep thinking of things I'd like to accomplish this year!  Which, I think is a good thing ultimately.  I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't do these things, is just stuff that would be cool to do.

* make more socks!  Maybe 6 pairs this year?
* start a sweater - at least start and see what happens :)
* ride my bike to work this Summer at least once a week
* re-examine dress making - some comfortable casual options would be nice.
* finish the quilt tops I started
* finish reading the Hobbit! and try to read more
* memorize 2 scriptures a month with the Siesta Scripture Memory Team with Beth Moore
* cross stitch! I signed up for a year long sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, which I have long admired and just decided to jump in! I'm going to do the Storytime Sampler

I think these things are pretty manageable and leave room to add on.  I've done the scripture memory verses before and didn't quite make it the full year but what I did manage to do was a blessing so I'm going to give it another go.

Today I am taking it easy.  It's freezing cold out but the sun is bright and shiny.  To anyone reading this, I hope 2015 is kind to you!

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