Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine crafts

So, you've seen this before - but now it is officially on the door! I love it, it's a little crazy looking but makes me smile so that's all that matters :) Next up is this banner that I saw on One Pretty Thing that I just knew I wanted to make for my flag thing outside by the front steps. It took forever actually because each little square and heart is hand sewn. Which takes me forever. I used all supplies I already had on hand. The original banner called for heart shaped buttons, and I was going to buy some, but realized then that I would be buying frivolously and not keeping up one of my resolutions. So, I used some pretty buttons that I already had, and I think it turned out just fine.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

swap and splurge

I participated in a swap on Swap-bot called "the Moment I met God" and it had to be expressed in some sort of artistic medium, but not written out. I have to tell you that this was very, very tricky! I immediately thought I wanted to do fabric with some embroidery and maybe some pictures. Then, wasn't exactly sure how to tie everything was going to do like a scrapbook page. I ended up doing what I originally thought I would with fabric. It looks a little remedial, I know. But the thing is that I wasn't sure how to represent the things I wanted to convey??? All in all, though, I think I like the way it turned out. Basically it's like a river of life, with the boulders being like a specific even where I "met" God. I mailed this one to a lady who lives in the Netherlands, so I am thinking I will make another one for myself - possibly add some more embroidery.

So, I totally splurged this week on some yarn - but it was definitely worth it! You remember the fingerless mittens I made a few weeks ago? Well, I had found the pattern on Ravelry and the yarn that the pattern was originally made of was this yarn from Bristol County Dyeworks. I looked high and low for a yarn locally that would even sort of come close, and could not find anything. Nada. So I went with the yarn that I found at the yarn store here in town, which I turned out to love! And, also the yarn from bcdyeworks was sold out. But I kept thinking about it and how pretty it was. I just happened to check this week again, and there just HAPPENED to be only one left - I knew I had to buy it! It came in the mail today and it was definitely worth it! It's beautiful and soft and I can't wait to make it into something beautiful! I'm thinking that I might possibly make another pair of fingerless mittens since I wear them a lot and this new color will be fun to wear. The pictures really do not do the yarn justice, it is so much prettier in person! I would definitely buy something from this store again, I got the yarn SO fast!

And to end, a picture of Sam with a Mom-approved play toy. It is a peanut butter flavored tennis ball made specifically for dogs. The package came with two, but June could care less about hers. Sam gets the whole thing in his mouth and chews, and throws it up for himself and pounces on it! I also toss it around for him, he LOVES it!

Last weekend I went out to do errands, and like I normally do I had put the dogs in the back yard. So, when I got home from running errands, the dogs came in like normal. Then, I decided I wanted to work on some stuff in the craft house, out I went. And THIS! is what I walked into....Do they look guilty or what??!? The thing is that Sam has figured out how to open the door, and he has been nosing my bag of feathers for awhile! I always tell him "no" and I guess he just couldn't stand it anymore! June, who is normally the "good" one was in on it too! Oh man it was the biggest mess to clean up! At least it is just paper, feathers and fabric and not really gross trash stuff!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I can't believe it's already another Wednesday! I'm down 1lb, which is good! I was kind of hoping I would have lost more, because I was really good last week. I went to spin 3 days and did the eliptical one night. But, maybe I'm just getting super buff, right? *grin*

So, I've got some sad news - the yarn store is closing! I got an email last week that if there wasn't a buyer by March 21st then it will be closing and in the meantime everything is 50% off. So of course I went in on Saturday to check out the sale and it was packed to the gills in there! Literally, there was like half the stock left! I'm wondering if they will even make it to the end of this month??? Crazy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weight loss Wednesday

Oh, this is good! I am down 4.5 lbs from last week!!! Ya-hooo! I knew I was holding onto a bunch of water last week but was fitting into smaller clothes so I figured something was up (or down as the case may be)! So, I am encouraged! Last week I went to spin class twice and twice did the elyptical machine. This week I was planning to spin 4 days but Monday I didn't get out of work in time to make it to class so I just did the elyptical for 40 minutes.

I hope everyone else had a great week also!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

loving it

I made this garland on Sunday and I am in "love" with it! Pun intended....and of course, even though I got the idea from another source, it still took me for-ever to figure out what colors and patterns, etc that I wanted to use. I'm happy with the way it turned out -especially the glitter! I used a fine glitter on the crepe paper and edges of the circle, and then a giant glitter for the letters - it reminds me of sequins and mostly Dorothy's ruby red slippers.
up close of the letters

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fingerless mittens donezo!

My wrists were toasty warm this morning, thanks to these! I finally finished these fingerless mittens from this pattern which is inspired by the fingerless mitten worn by Alice Cullen in the movie New Moon. Apparently the pattern was removed because it will be in a book? Sorry about that! I looked all over for yarn to even sort of come close to what was used in the pattern, and nothing! But, I picked up this beautiful yarn at the local yarn shop, which I love! Normally it would drive me crazy that each one is a little bit different, but I'm okay with it for these. What kind of knitting have you been doing???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

And another Wednesday with no weight loss or gain - but I am retaining water. Lovely, huh??? I felt so poooey yesterday that I almost didn't go to spin class last night - but I went and just did things a little slower. We did have a potluck at work yesterday and a lady brought brie and havarti which I'm a little bit gaga over - so totally splurged there! mmmm, but it was worth it :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Look what I found....

Kind of embarrassing to admit, but I've had this pot of dirt and dead plant parts in my house for almost a year. A friend of mine, Charese - who I'm convinced is actually part fairy princess - gave me this beautiful orange flower last year. After the plant died off I meant to toss the dirt out and add another plant to the pot. Hmmm, then my life sort of got in the way and "meaning to" never happened. So, night before last I glanced again at the sad pot only to see a little green shoot!!!! I watered it and am hoping that before long I will be able to show a pic of a pretty orange flower :)
I think God is showing me that even when I think things are dead, new life can spring forth and it can be beautiful.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

First weight loss post for the new year! I've definitely weighed in already, I like to weigh in every day even though I know you're not really supposed to do that. But officially I just go by the Wednesday weigh in. So, I'm like Jennifer - didn't lose but didn't gain either. But, I think that I may have lost inches because I tried on a pair of pants this morning that a few months ago looked ghastly but today didn't look so bad!
So, part of my goal is to go to spin 3 times a week now that I've joined the fitness club and yesterday I was so discouraged because I called to reserve a bike and the class had already filled up the day before! I was going to stay home and knit. But, I thought some exercise is better than none so I went and did the elyptical machine for 35 minutes. It was not so bad - the club was PACKED! because everyone has resolutions right now. I did sign up for the spin class for tonight so I'm definitely going to that!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting 2010 out right, with finished projects!

So, here's a new tote bag that I made I think last weekend? I LOVE this fabric, it is just so cheery and fun! I'm planning to embroider on the pink strip. I have big plans for that block that I found at Goodwill for .49cents! I'm think mod podge and either fabric or fun paper....And then these plates were .49 cents each also and they are actually quite a bit lighter in person, very pretty.

So, I am in love with these little deer figures and I have them out on the table still because I figure they are not as obviously Christmas so I can enjoy them a little longer :) Anyways, I had two of these red ones, and they weren't as cute b/c the red had faded on the body part. So, I set out to flock them pink! The first one met an untimely death by Sam, he must have liked the way the glue smelled and chewed it up. Luckily for him I got it away from him before we could find out exactly how poisonous spray glue is.....So here's try #2 and I like the way it turned out, very fuzzy. The eyes were kind of tricky to get the black glitter just where I wanted it, but good enough. I also gave it some new glitter for its tail and antlers.

I finally, finally finished the advent calendar!!!! Oh man I was beginning to think I would never finish it! The idea was from this Thanksgiving one from the Moda Bake Shop and I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas one! And, it was fun - just took forever! It will be good to have it ready for next year!

Next up is this wreath - I saw the idea on the blog Vacuuming in High Heels, only that one I think was all white and I thought it would be fun and pretty in pink for Valentine's Day. I haven't glued on the hearts yet, but I think I might. I'm also thinking I will trim the edges to make them a little more even. I think it will look cute on the front door, it will be fun to come home to it for me, anyways!

Next is a project in process. I have been soooo intimidated by double pointed needles and haven't tried anything in a round knitting-wise because of it! But, I think I'm over it! I went into the yarn shop a few weeks ago and the nice lady in there showed me a little bit how to cast on and divide the stitches. Then yesterday I watched a tutorial online and realized exactly what I had been doing wrong that it didn't make sense! I was backwards! Instead of knitting on the outside of the stitches I was on the inside. Argh! No wonder it didn't look right! None of my books showed any detail past casting on and dividing the stitches, I guess it should be obvious where to stitch??? Anyways, I am so excited because as you can see, I am about halfway through my first fingerless mitten!! Of course I post the finished product when it's done!