Sunday, August 29, 2010

Giveaway alert

Okay, so I don't usually blog about giveaways out there, but I reeeealllly want to win this one, so here goes! Check out the Comfortstitching giveaway here. She is giving away a bag of her scraps, and she uses some really fun, awesome fabric so you know it would be super cool stuff!

Oh, and you should also check out the goods being given away on the Vintage Sheet Blog!!!! She is giving away some really fabulous stuff from Moda to two lucky ducks! It's the Dream On and there are fat quarters, jelly roll, and layer cake - yum!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Florida, y'all!

I'm back! Had a little detour to Florida! It was fabulous!!!!! My Mom and I went to visit my Grandma who lives a little ways from Sarasota. I had not seen my Grandma since I graduated from High School in 1995, Ca-razy. So, not only was the scenery beautiful but it was great to get to know my Grandma a little bit. We went to the beach, hung out at the pool and took in the John and Mable Ringling Art Museum and mansion.
This is a picture of the courtyard of the Art Museum, I think they were working on the landscaping.
This is a bronze mold statue of David.

Front view of the mansion, called Ca'D'Zan, which in Venetian means "House of John". But, on the architect's blueprints the house was always referred to as Mrs. John Ringling's House because his wife Mable was really the one who was instrumental in the design and decoration of the house. It was absolutely magnificent and opulent.
We were driving through Sarasota and I got a picture of this statue from the car. It was huge and so cool. And, my pudgy little piggies in the sand! Doesn't everyone take a picture like that???
Allright, the big secret reveal of who the quilt was for: My Grandma! I really hope she likes it! She was definitely surprised.This is the beach in Sarasota, it was absolutely beautiful! The sand was white, scattered with shells and the water was sooooo warm! I did, of course, get sunburned. I didn't care though because I was determined to get to the beach! And, it was worth it. My Mom and I both had fun playing in the waves, it was great.

Here are some pretty sunsets, clouds, etc.

Okay, and as my Mom and I were walking through the Dallas/Fort Worth (MONSTER!) airport so my Mom could get some sweet tea (divine btw!) I spied a Red Mango frozen yogurt place, and knew I HAD to stop and try it!!!! I had half key lime pie and half vanilla with fresh blackberries as my topping and it was deeeelicious! That's all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

waaa, waaa, waaa and a hexagon pouch

Sometimes what I've found is that it's better to just go back to sleep. Like, today, for instance. I woke up on the emotional side of the bed, everything was making me cry and I felt in a funk. I tried some sewing, no use. Went to church, great message that I needed to hear, umm really no use because then it made me cry. And, frankly, while I'm whining I also got a sunburn yesterday and I am so stinkin pale so they totally suck and I feel all ugh. But, the happy part of that is that I got the sunburn because Jan and I were yardsaling yesterday and it was super fun, so worth it. Started to watch a movie and found myself spacing out so took a 2 hour nap. Woke up feeling a little bit better.
So, I finished up the hexagon pouch yesterday and I have to admit that I super love it! I mostly followed the tute from Comfort Stitching, I think I've already mentioned that....but I added my own stuff, of course! Front view:
Hexagon pouch front
So for the back I finally used my current favorite fabric! Yes! See, last year when I went to the quilt store I bought a half yard, but didn't have the heart to cut into it. Why do I do that? But, went back to the store and bought a whole yard so felt okay about finally cutting. The thing is I would buy a whole lot more but it's like $10 a yard and let's face it: I'm cheap! Back view:
Hexagon pouch back
Hexagon pouch
The inside is really where I modified it to suit me. I am going on a trip next weekend I and need to take some hand sewing projects to keep me busy on the plane and such. So, I added a little pincushion, elastic to hold scissors, a velcro strap to hold thread, and a larger pocket on one side to maybe put some knitting needles or embroidery thread, or just taller stuff. Mmmmm, I forgot - I also added batting to give it some stability.
hexagon pouchcan I please just say, and I'm not being vain in the remotest right here, but I truly love that little toadstool! I feel like I should add a toadstool to everything. Okay, not everything. But you know what I mean!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nail polish makes me happy

Okay, so what's new this week? Well, yesterday a drama bomb went off and it was completely unneccessary. No details needed as I think the smoke has cleared and it wasn't directly involving me anyways.....The best news is that I got a manicure today and it's beautiful! The doctors I work for treated our entire office to a Spa day! I am soooo not a massage type person so I was a little nervous about what I would do there, but since it was at a salon I chose to get a haircut and manicure - perfect! The color I chose is just gorgeous.

I've also been making some hexagons. I have to say it's quite addictive! Awhile ago I picked up a scrap bag at the thrift for like $1, and nestled in the bag were two ziploc baggies of paper hexagons. They are all cut out of old paper bags. I can imagine an older very thrift lady being very practical by using paper bags to cut out the shapes. They have pin holes so I know they've been used. And are being used again by me :) So, I have one project started out of vintage sheets, I've been fussy cutting fleurs. The other project I started today after the spa, which is going to be one of these hexagon pouches that I saw made on Comfort Stitching. It is in preparation for a trip I have coming up and I want to be able to take the hexagons along to work on them. I have been so inpired by all the projects I've seen made with the hexies, like this, and this. I'll let you know what happens :)