Sunday, August 26, 2012


Holy smokes!  The air is so smoky up here!  Yikes!  Looking out my window this morning it was so thick it looked almost like fog.  My allergies are letting me know they no likey.  In spite of the yuck I have gotten a lot done this weekend with plenty of nothin' in between!  One of the ladies at work brought in bags of fresh basil from her garden on Friday and I was lucky to snag a bag!  I made fresh pesto last night using this recipe.  I did add another couple of sprigs of basil in addition to the 2 cups the recipe called for.  I had never made this before and it was really easy with my food processor.  I also baked up a couple loaves of yellow squash bread subbing crushed pineapple for oil and adding some shredded coconut.  It turned out really yummy.  For dinner I had put a veggie lasagna in the oven before making the pesto - multitasking :) 

Today I have chicken enchiladas cooking up in the crock pot to take to a family who just had a baby who has breathing issues.  And I made two loaves of zucchini bread subbing applesauce for the oil and I added carob chips.  I was a little heavier handed with those than I had intended.  The first couple handfuls just sunk into the batter and looked like there were hardly any, soooo naturally I added another couple handfuls.  I'm thinking those will last a bit longer since they will be so sweet.

It's funny because unless I'm sewing something I usually feel like I haven't gotten much done.  But, I did get the house clean yesterday and all that baking.  Today I did sew some hexagons while watching a movie so I guess I have accomplished something by my own standards!  I am making a table topper, like a circular-ish one with fall fabrics for the hexagons.  I embroidered a few of them for the very center, I think it will turn out cute.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

another bunny

It's funny to me that it seems like all I want to do is knit!  I am totally digging sitting out in my adirondack chair in the shade with the dogs running amok in the back yard.  It's just perfect.  I decided that Max, the bunny that I had knit before needed a mate - you know, since they're bunnies :)  So, here's Vi.  Like I do with every creature I make I think of a story in my head.  Vi likes to play the violin while Max reads classic literature in his study with his pipe.  100_3176[1]100_3177[1] They are quite a sweet little couple of bunnies.
Not sure if you can tell but her eyes are purple.  I had bought them awhile ago for the amigurumi that I was making and have really enjoyed the colors.  You can find them here.  It's sort of hard to find a good safety eye.  For Vi and Max's sweater, I used this pattern and I have just loved it.  V. Easy to follow and the outcome is cute.
I have been working on the vintage sheet quilt but have hit a wall.  I have one white sheet left and I'm hesitating to cut into it because it's in really good shape and has a pretty rose pattern across the top so I've been debating whether I actually want to use it.  I looked at Goodwill but so far no luck.  And, I've been thinking that I might be moving on to another baby quilt.  I've been looking for the perfect pattern, which I may have found so the vs quilt may be on the shelf for a bit.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a godstop moment

Last night was bible study, we've been doing a study called "A Heart Like His" which is another Beth Moore study.  It's an older one, one of the first ones she did I think.  I hesitate to write this post because I don't want anyone to worry about me or be offended or take it personally because if you're reading this then it has nothing to do with you.  Trust me.  I'm a pretty up front kind of person so if I feel something I would have told you.  I'm going to be speaking in generalities. 
So, back to the study.  She was saying how God wants us to have certain connections with people, like we should have a multitude (church group), a group (like the group of disciples was to Jesus), a few close friends to keep us accountable, and then a relationship with God.  He wants us to interract with people and share our gifts with each other.  The whole study for me was hitting the mark.  It's so easy to be a hermit.  So easy.  My dogs love me no matter what, I don't have to explain anything or be funny or talk or listen or anything.  But people, they are a whole other story for me.  So, I withdraw.  I haven't been going to church, so strikeout multitude for me, and go ahead and take away the group too.  What that leaves is my bible study.  I almost didn't go last night because sometimes I feel disconnected there too.  I notice that I am not in the loop of their lives.  Is it because I don't text?  Is it because I don't call?  I don't know, it's probably a lot of reasons and not just me because my phone isn't ringing either.  Then she (Beth Moore) gets to the part in the study about the relationship with God and how he draws us in and if we hang back and try to just stay with our friends then we will become frustrated with them........uh, what?  Dang it!  I was caught!  Here I was just doing that, getting annoyed at my friends, and yes my family for not reaching out to me (even though I could reach out too, I realize)!!!!  Gah!  Now what?  My whole life I have been afraid to be close to anyone, really close.......and that would include God.  I start to get close and I run.  There are only a few people who have stuck by me.  So that was last night and I'm still processing it.  Mulling it.  I am thanking God that he hasn't given up on me, because frankly we've been circling this issue for years.  Me, knowing I need to draw close and sort of getting there and then pulling back, God revisiting in different ways and mediums (music, books, videos) and on and on.
And then, there's the whole thing of this video being recorded in like 1997!  It's on vhs even.  The timing is nuts.  Like how could God know that last night I needed that message that was recorded almost 15 years ago, and that we picked that study because one of the other ladies wanted to specifically do it, and I just happened to be along for the ride?  But, God is just like that.  He knows.  And as much as sometimes I just chalk things up to coincidence or fate or luck or whatever, I know that last night was perfectly timed. 
Welp, I think I've rambled enough here.  You get the picture.   I had a moment last night that got my attention, nuff said. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

fall inspiration

I haven't done any swaps for quite awhile and thought I'd get back into it and signed up for a fat quarter swap. I'm glad I did because one of my partners sent me a whole half yard of a fun fall print! Lucky me :) This week I also rec'd the fall issue of my quilting magazine that 3 squares I wanted to try: Peace and plenty, windblown and big dipper.  I felt like I had no other choice than to make the squares and then once I had they looked like they needed to be a table runner!  Perfect because then it gave me the chance to use my new darning foot for my old machine and free motion quilt!  100_3170[1]100_3171[1] I like the way it turned out and it was nice to finish a project pretty quickly. I know I've said it before but those little blocks, each one was 6" finished, are such a pain! Too fussy.  But, I like the way it turned out, the tree triangles are from the fabric that was sent in the swap.
Yesterday I went to the book sale that the library has on the weekends and scored some books on CD.  Hubs likes to listen to them so I try and pick them up when I can.  I had not ever gotten anything for myself because I usually prefer music while I'm sewing.  But, I picked up a book by Lauren Weisberger called Chasing Harry Winston and put that on while I was sewing.  I liked it!  I found myself pausing every so often just to listen which is funny because I usually only pause when I'm stuck for inspiration!  I'm about halfway through, and I'd say it's a good read (listen).  She is the same author that wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which I also liked.
Okay, lets talk about something random.  Have you ever found yourself dreaming, daydreaming, fantasizing about doing something and picturing yourself doing something but then never actually doing it?  I would say that I'm a big dreamer.  There are lots of things that I conjure up in my imagination. One is that I dream of being a runner.  But, even though I've had vivid dreams of my feet pounding the pavement I don't ever actually do it.  There are lots of reasons I don't, the biggest reason being that I'm embarassed.  I know I am my own worst enemy.  So, I'm going to try and break out of this, I'm going to start super small and see what happens.  Is there anything you dream of doing - even something mundane - but hold yourself back from doing?  I say, do it!  Start small so you don't get overwhelmed and then just see what happens.  Nothing illegal though, because frankly I don't want to be anyone's inspiration for that - lol :)