Sunday, August 5, 2012

fall inspiration

I haven't done any swaps for quite awhile and thought I'd get back into it and signed up for a fat quarter swap. I'm glad I did because one of my partners sent me a whole half yard of a fun fall print! Lucky me :) This week I also rec'd the fall issue of my quilting magazine that 3 squares I wanted to try: Peace and plenty, windblown and big dipper.  I felt like I had no other choice than to make the squares and then once I had they looked like they needed to be a table runner!  Perfect because then it gave me the chance to use my new darning foot for my old machine and free motion quilt!  100_3170[1]100_3171[1] I like the way it turned out and it was nice to finish a project pretty quickly. I know I've said it before but those little blocks, each one was 6" finished, are such a pain! Too fussy.  But, I like the way it turned out, the tree triangles are from the fabric that was sent in the swap.
Yesterday I went to the book sale that the library has on the weekends and scored some books on CD.  Hubs likes to listen to them so I try and pick them up when I can.  I had not ever gotten anything for myself because I usually prefer music while I'm sewing.  But, I picked up a book by Lauren Weisberger called Chasing Harry Winston and put that on while I was sewing.  I liked it!  I found myself pausing every so often just to listen which is funny because I usually only pause when I'm stuck for inspiration!  I'm about halfway through, and I'd say it's a good read (listen).  She is the same author that wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which I also liked.
Okay, lets talk about something random.  Have you ever found yourself dreaming, daydreaming, fantasizing about doing something and picturing yourself doing something but then never actually doing it?  I would say that I'm a big dreamer.  There are lots of things that I conjure up in my imagination. One is that I dream of being a runner.  But, even though I've had vivid dreams of my feet pounding the pavement I don't ever actually do it.  There are lots of reasons I don't, the biggest reason being that I'm embarassed.  I know I am my own worst enemy.  So, I'm going to try and break out of this, I'm going to start super small and see what happens.  Is there anything you dream of doing - even something mundane - but hold yourself back from doing?  I say, do it!  Start small so you don't get overwhelmed and then just see what happens.  Nothing illegal though, because frankly I don't want to be anyone's inspiration for that - lol :)

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