Sunday, August 26, 2012


Holy smokes!  The air is so smoky up here!  Yikes!  Looking out my window this morning it was so thick it looked almost like fog.  My allergies are letting me know they no likey.  In spite of the yuck I have gotten a lot done this weekend with plenty of nothin' in between!  One of the ladies at work brought in bags of fresh basil from her garden on Friday and I was lucky to snag a bag!  I made fresh pesto last night using this recipe.  I did add another couple of sprigs of basil in addition to the 2 cups the recipe called for.  I had never made this before and it was really easy with my food processor.  I also baked up a couple loaves of yellow squash bread subbing crushed pineapple for oil and adding some shredded coconut.  It turned out really yummy.  For dinner I had put a veggie lasagna in the oven before making the pesto - multitasking :) 

Today I have chicken enchiladas cooking up in the crock pot to take to a family who just had a baby who has breathing issues.  And I made two loaves of zucchini bread subbing applesauce for the oil and I added carob chips.  I was a little heavier handed with those than I had intended.  The first couple handfuls just sunk into the batter and looked like there were hardly any, soooo naturally I added another couple handfuls.  I'm thinking those will last a bit longer since they will be so sweet.

It's funny because unless I'm sewing something I usually feel like I haven't gotten much done.  But, I did get the house clean yesterday and all that baking.  Today I did sew some hexagons while watching a movie so I guess I have accomplished something by my own standards!  I am making a table topper, like a circular-ish one with fall fabrics for the hexagons.  I embroidered a few of them for the very center, I think it will turn out cute.

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