Saturday, April 30, 2016

jelly beans socks

I'm totally procrastinating right now.  I really need to deal with the overgrown grass in the back yard.  But!  I can find so many distractions in the house that I'd rather do!  All things that need to be done...

I finished the Bickersstraat socks I had been working on.  I started these at the end of February and finished them on Thursday at lunch.  I have yet to weave in the ends but otherwise they are done.  I've been referring to these as my Jelly Bean Socks because of the speckles.  So, I have a confession about these socks.  I almost didn't finish them.  I got just past the heel on the first sock and felt like I could not stand one more second knitting them! uggggggggggg.  But I love the yarn so much and wanted the finished product so I knit on.  I cast on the second sock just as soon as the first one was finished so I would not be tempted to quit.
You can see in the top corner of the above photo some lilacs.  Last weekend I clipped a nice big bouquet of lilacs and enjoyed them all week.  So you know how they say that memory is tied strongly to scent?  Yeah, I proved that with these lilacs!  I used to fill the house Scott and I shared with lilacs in the spring - lilacs basically in every room!  I haven't done that in years and had forgotten how fragrant they are.  So beautiful and a reminder of "us".

I finished the Jelly Bean Socks and immediately cast on a new pair!  I've been wanting to try a pair of socks with contrasting heels and toes.  I also wanted to use the yarn that I just got at the coast.  So!  I've picked the Mrs. Weasley's Family Socks pattern by Molly of A Homespun House.  So.  A bit about the pattern.  I'm really just using the texture.  The pattern is cuff down with a traditional type heel.  That's just not my style so I'm doing toe up and plan to use the fish lips kiss heel pattern that I have been doing.  I will confess that the cheapo in me hated paying for a pattern just for the texture which is like just finding out where to put a purl bump.  Which I had guessed by looking at it but felt like a turd and like I should just buy it already.  Which I did.  

I really tried to get a picture that shows how vibrant and beautiful this yarn is and it sort of comes across but not really.  It is vibrant and rich and tonal and pink!  The contrast color is one that I have had in my stash for like, ever.  It is Colinette yarns Jitterbug and the colorway is called Cherry.  It's one that I saw and gasped and HAD to have.  And I've been hoarding it for just the right thing.  

I wasn't sure if the two yarns/colors would play well together but I had to try!  I am loving how it looks so far!!  Loving.  The main color yarn is from a company I have not heard of called Kraemer, it's their Sterling silk and silver blend.  I will say that both yarns are sort of crunchy.  Which means that they are very woolly, not as soft, don't slide through my fingers as easily.  But!  as a knit fabric they are super squishy.

I guess I should get busy and do my chores.  Yeah.  I'll feel better once it's done.  Right?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

all about the bathroom

Omigosh the bathroom is 97% done!!!  The only tiny things left to do are just painting the trim, one more coat of paint on the ceiling and then that is it!  I'm so, so in love with this bathroom!  It's just fresh and bright and beautiful.
You can see the painter's tape at the top of this picture. Ha!  Whoops.  This morning I was looking at the doors and thinking how dingy they look compared to the new clean bead board paneling.  I guess that's how it goes, right?  
Here's a picture of the light fixture, which I love, love!  It is super bright and fun.  I wasn't over the moon about any of the options I could find locally, they all just felt like blah blah blah.  There was one at Home Depot but the color was weird.  Karla found this one on Amazon, it's called the schoolhouse light.  The globes are a white glass which just looks so good with the rest of the bathroom. Love.

Ok this is a silly little picture, I know.  But!  Aaron changed out the light switch in the bathroom to these push button ones.  So there are two, one for the fan and the other is for the light.  When the light is off the switch has a little night light!  I love it.  I totally geeked out on this!

Yesterday while Aaron was finishing up the trim I was working on getting things situated.  I dragged out the big boxes that the sink, mirror  and light fixture came in that had been taking up residence in the living room.  Which made me really look at this nook.  And I had a light bulb moment!  I made this banner last summer but could not figure a place to put it.  The top of this cabinet had an embellishment that I didn't like so I had taken it out and it left an open spot so the banner covers that nicely.  Usually the cabinet is open, it houses my tv in the top and baskets full of movies in the bottom.

And!  I finally put up curtains in my bedroom.  I tried to get a picture of how white and bright and beautiful they looked this morning.  Really though life doesn't always translate as well into pictures, does it?  
My Mom and I had a laugh yesterday on the phone.  Well, I might have laughed more than her, ha!  But, I'm pretty sure that she gave these to me and had picked them up at either a yard sale or thrift store.  She always finds good deals and passes things on to me.  Lucky me :)  So!  I've had these stashed for a million years and had never put them up.  I put them up and stood back to admire them and one curtain is about an inch shorter than the other!  Bahahhahaa!  I was laughing with her because I thought maybe that's why someone got rid of them! meh. I love them so much I don't really care.  I just love lace.

So today I am cleaning a bit, hanging up pictures and knitting.  I am just chilling out.  Taking my time.  I have to say I feel like I picked the right house because I really feel comfortable here.    I like coming home.  Hope you all have a great week coming up!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

beach thoughts

I know I've been quiet for a bit.  There has been so, so much going on.  In life, in my thoughts, in my emotions.  Just too much really.

Last weekend Rocky and I drove over to the coast.  Monday, April 4th was the third angelversary of my Scott's death.  I knew what to expect from the previous 2 years.  This year there is a deeper sadness that I can't exactly explain, nor do I really want to.  Everything boils down to life moving on, away from him, without him.
Maybe I'll elaborate another day when I have the energy.  Really, though, I just miss him so much and he is missing so much.

As usual, the beach is the perfect place for me to be.  The water all the days I was there was the color of Scott's eyes - deep blue.  Depending on the clouds, it could change to grey as well.  For the most part the weather was perfect.  Blue skies, sunny.  But it was really very windy which made it cold.  Here you can see the wind blowing up Rocky's ears.  Oh yeah, don't mind my finger in the shot there. ha

Here's Rocky longing to run down the beach and make friends with the dog by the water.  Oh how he wished me could be "off leash".  But, I'm afraid I may lose him if I let him run free.  Because he would run and run.

Tuesday we just walked on the beach at Crescent City.  Again, super windy but walking it felt fine.

Coming home was actually nice, this new house is so comfortable.  The bathroom is still a work in progress, but otherwise is coming together nicely.

Today I painted the walls in the bathroom.  Some of the wall texture stuff got on the ceiling which needs to be sanded off and then I'll paint the ceiling too.  I really love the way this color turned out - it's really limey and sherbert-y.  Oh, yeah that is my living room lamp in there since the light is not installed yet.

I almost forgot.  Yesterday I actually sewed something in my new sewing room!  Yes.  So a friend of mine asked me to make a mastectomy drain apron for a friend of hers that is having a mastectomy in May.  Of course I said I would make one for her!  I googled it to get some direction.  Turns out they are so easy.  I am going to make a couple so she can choose.