Thursday, June 25, 2009

short terms goals

Okay, so right now my goals are EXTREMELY short-term and simple. All I'd like to accomplish this Summer is to finish a scrapbook that I have been working on for like ever. And I would like to read lots of books. Lots of books. This of course, would all hopefully happen after I'm completely moved in. This weekend is going to completely suck and I'm not at all looking forward to it. I am exhausted with all the moving/cleaning/packing/more cleaning.

On the upside, the house I'm moving into has a little guest house in the backyard that I am going to hyjack as my craft/sewing space :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hooray for comfy bike seats!

I feel so triumphant about something that is so mundane - a bike seat! I bought my new bike with one of my paychecks while I was still working at both offices, it was like "free money" and love the bike but HATE the seat. Way too hard. So, I bought a wide, "no pressure point" seat, but it was too wide. Which was sort of a bummer because as soon as I got it home I made a custom cover with some leftover pink vintage sheet that I had. It fit perfectly, but alas, the seat did not. So, I went back to my least fav store, Wallyworld, and bought another, it is also a Schwinn that is wide at the back with tons of gel stuff. And I LOVE it! It's pretty much perfect! So, I put the seat cover on this new seat, it's a little too big because I had made it to the contours of the other. Oh well! It has a drawstring at the base so I know it's not going anywhere. Almost every day this week I have gone on a bike ride after work. I had decided that once we move into the new place, which is close to where I work, I can ride my bike to and fro to get some much-needed exercise! So, the pics are not good because the bike is under the carport and we've got a ton of stuff under there right now, especially since we are getting ready to move. But, you get the idea.
Next project I actually finished last weekend, it was super duper easy! I wear an eye cover at night a lot of times when hubby still is up watching a show or what not. So, this is just terry cloth on one side and fabric on the other. I just made the pattern free-hand. No big whoop and it's a little rough looking but works just fine. It's funny though, I had wanted to cover the elastic in the back so it wouldn't get all schmutzed up, so I measure the elastic and covered it, sewed it in but when I went to put it over my head - whoops! The elastic case is not stretchy. What a dork! So, I had to redo that part making the casing longer to fit around my noggin!
So, today I was out and about since this is my first Friday off. Our office is going to 4 days a week for the Summer. So, to kick it off I went in for some fasting bloodwork first thing. Ugh. I hate having blood taken, but as I have hypothyroidism, it is a necessity. So, at Goodwill I found 3 things of the really thin yarn (.59 cents each!) and then at the Hospice thrift I found the Aunt Martha's transfers (25 cents each!) and the thread holder full of thread ($1.75!). I found some great buys and the best part is I just used the $2 cash I had and whatever change in my change purse! Ya-hoo! I love the thread case, it has a fun star shape on the top, and little pegs for each thread. My Mom would be so jealous because all of the thread things (can't think of the name for the life of me!) are wooden. Love it.
Okay, I absolutely MUST get some coffee now before I keel over! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memory Verse

Here is my scripture memory verse for the 1st.

It is Psalm 103:10 (NIV)
"he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities".