Saturday, May 31, 2014

the haps

I just realized that I haven't mentioned at all that I've been knitting.  I'm working on a stripey bunny!  And you know what?  I think by now I might be able to write my OWN pattern!  Not saying I will because I don't know if I can be clear enough about what I'm doing, but I've moved completely past using the Mother Bunny pattern that I love so much.  Because really, I haven't been using it - I've modified it so much that it is not the same anymore.  I'm going to experiment with the head and then if it works I'll put instructions here or ravelry or something.

Here's what I've got so far, two legs and a stripey body.  I just started one of the arms Tuesday night.  

 I forgot to show what my nails look like!  Last Saturday Jan and I did our nails together with my couture nail kit.  The red is sparkly and it's called red carpet.  The blue is actually a different brand called Gelish, with a sparkle layer over top and then Jan drew the silver hearts for me.
 I did a LOT of bag making last weekend!  I think I mentioned that I ended up buying the lined drawstring bag pattern from In Color Order?  She has one as a free tutorial on her blog but I wanted a bigger bag and turns out I'm not great at the math to figure out dimensions!  So I bought the pattern even though it kills me to spend $9 for a pdf!  There are like 8 sizes included and this one I believe is the project size.  It is indeed the perfect size for a knitting project.
 Karyn that knits at the shop asked me if I'd make her a project bag and I of course said yes.  She asked for a smallish one that might fit in her purse.  That's the second picture below.  But she gave me a ton of fabric to work with so I made her a bigger sized one as well.  The stripey lining was from my stash.  The smaller one I used a metal zipper that I had in my stash and I must say I hate (!) metal zippers.  It was super bulky.  But, the end result was fine and that's what matters.

Today I went to my first for reals adult yoga class.  At a yoga studio.  I felt like an uber amateur and even though the instructor watered it down a ton to accommodate the newbies like me in the class I couldn't quite do the poses.  And there was a kind of expectation that I would love it and I can't say I did.  The gal I went with I think really did and so that's good.  I'm just hoping I didn't hurt the instructors feelings when I said I didn't love it.  But, I'm not going to lie either.  She was lovely and it was peaceful so it really wasn't personal at all.  She said to make a decision after 3 classes.  Saturday mornings are free so I'll give it another go and see.

Friday, May 30, 2014

need advice.....and go!

Okay..........I need an opinion!  I bought a used armoire last night for my tv and dvds and stuff.  Initially I didn't love it, mostly because it had a weird metal thing in the half circle at the top.  But, I tried to look beyond that and it's growing on me.  Also, it's huge.  The doors and trim are oak, the back and sides are pressed wood.  But, I think I got a good deal - $75!  Anyways my question is, do I paint it white????  part of me wants to....the other part is a little scared to.  I am going to cover the weird metal thing with fabric to make it more me.  Or should I try and stain it dark?  Paint is brown?  black? nothing? leave it alone?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Last year on Memorial Day I drove over to Eagle Point National Cemetery where Scott's cremains are buried and was blown away by the sight of flags on every single grave.  I had not, of course, brought my camera since I didn't know that they did that.  This year, I came prepared.  I drove over late yesterday because the cemetery is open on Memorial Day and it's quite busy and I wanted a little privacy.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, also very windy.
Right inside the main entrance is this flag display.

I found out that it's a school that comes to the cemetery to place the flags on the Friday prior to the holiday.  I thought that was kinda cool.

This is Scott's section.

 I take a little blanket and sit next to this site and tell Scott all about the previous two weeks.  I tell him how much I miss him, how his family is doing and how much they also miss him.  On holidays like this I thank him for his years of service.  It is comforting to me to do this.  Yes, I cry.  But it's a release.  And I like to make sure he has bright cheery flowers.  And then when the sprinklers come on in his section it's time to leave.
 Looking up the hill all the flag were waving in the wind.  Truly touching.
 This is the back entrance on my way out.  There were flags all along the entire perimeter of the cemetery.
 I had the boys with me in the back seat of course!  Joey likes to stick his head out the window and I got a good picture of that.  I love his face in this picture.  His cheeks flapping.
 Back in Klamath I was treated to a beautiful sunset across the lake.
Today, on Memorial Day I am thankful for those who have fought and died for our freedom.  And, yes, I am going to barbeque because I know that those who I am remembering, honoring, would want me to enjoy the day!  And have a hot dog ;)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

bags and life

Here's what's been going on around here the last couple weekend: bag making!  So exciting, right?  Well, it's a little thing but I found a tutorial that showed how to put little tabs at the end of the zipper on pouches to put an end to that awful pucker that happens.  I'm digging it.
 Yesterday I made this drawstring pouch from a tutorial on In Color Order.  It was super duper easy!  And I do love a lined bag so will put this to use.  It's a little smaller than what I need right now so I'm going to make a bigger one today.
Edited to add this picture.  I needed a longer version of the above bag to accommodate a skein of Red Heart yarn which are longer than normal skeins of yarn.  It looks like a mini yoga bag :) Um and then I bought the pattern because I am crap at figuring out what size to cut things to turn out the way I'd like it to!  
Another thing going on around here is this:

That would be George lounging on the chest I bought last year at a yard sale that I intend to repaint.  So, last year Mom and I were driving to the coast and on the way out of town saw a yard sale.  Now, my Mom wants to stop at every yard sale, no matter what.  And she thinks I'm being mean to her when I don't stop.  But, this time I had spotted the chest and I wanted one to put Scott's stuff that I want to keep forever in.  So, I slammed on the breaks and pulled over.  Unfortunately, it was what I call a DOG SALE, which is a yard sale gone wrong.  And the chest was dusty and needs some TLC and it also has bits of pressed wood so not the greatest.  But, hey!  I'm cheap and felt a little cornered so paid the gal $10 and made a deal to pick up on the way back from the coast and we were on our way :)  When we got back Mom and I picked it up and I put it in the living room.  Where it sat in the middle of my living room for maybe a month or two.  I just wasn't ready to deal with it yet or try and figure out repainting.  So, I tucked it behind a chair I had by this window and it's been George's favorite perch to watch the world through the window.

BUT!  holy cow this is the longest story in the world -sorry.  BUT! I gave that chair away this week and the chest was exposed, I put the pillows that had been in the chair on the chest and voila! George has hardly moved since :)

I've been going to a counselor.  For my grief.  At first, I wasn't really sure it would be for me.  But, it's started to become something that I look forward to a little.  Every two weeks I know I'm going to get to talk to someone who doesn't make me feel like a freak about my anxiety, the crushing sadness, my stress, being a widow and all the challenges that come with that.  She's also a Christian so she points me to the ultimate counselor, God.  The weekend before last I went to the cemetery and it was actually a relief to talk to Scott, to just cry, let it out and not be completely wrecked when I left.  I also found some lime green mums to take, green was his favorite color.  I share this not to bring anyone down but because this is my real life.  This is why it's a struggle for me to even make one zippered pouch.  I know I've said it a million times - but the void from him being gone is so overwhelming!  I miss him so much, every single day.  But, I am trying.  I am figuring out who I am without him.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Uggggggg.  Do you ever just get so sick of "buzzwords"?  I am SO sick of the words organic, sustainable, improv, oh what's another one???  There are so many that just (to me) equal snoot.  Like pretentiousness but about sewing and knitting and quilting which to me should be anything BUT.  Uggg. So. There.  it's out there, now you know that when I see those and probably a few others I can't think of right now, I roll my eyes. Every time.

aaaaaaand end rant :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Momma's day to Mine

Happy Mother's day to my Mom, Nancy!  Here are some oldies but goodies:

c. 1973 with baby Joab
1976, pregnant with me and Joab was probably 4. 
And finally, with baby me :) 1977

I love my Mom for so many reasons, too many to list.  She is always my #1 fan, always loves me, has my back and she's funny!  Over the years we've become friends and that is so special to me.  I love you Mom!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gel mani at home - finally!

Well I took the "plunge" as it were and ordered something I've wanted for a loooooooong time!  Like, years. I bought a home gel manicure set! I did some research....but as I often do - couldn't justify the purchase. It's funny, I would rather spend a little here, a little there than one chunk of money all at once.  I didn't really get manicures that often because it's an expenditure that is not in my regular budget.  But for trips or special occasions I would and feel special and love my nails.

So anyhoo I kept looking at different brands.  I've gotten the CND (c&d?) shellac at a salon and thought that was the only way to go.  Then a gal at work started showing up with cute manis that she was doing at home and was using Gelish.  That appealed to me because we actually do have a Sally supply store here so I could buy local.  But THEN! I was reading blogs one morning and came across this post.  Here's a lady who had already been doing her nails for a couple/few years and had tried out this product, Couture gel nail polish.  I was curious so I clicked the link to the website.  Really, it was the variety of colors that got me.  And it comes with an LED light which I know the Gelish brand also uses so I can probably add those colors into the mix as well.  I was sold.

Yes, it's an investment.  But even going to Walmart to have my nails done I would pay $20 and usually tip $5.  I opted to buy the deluxe package that comes with 3 colors and then I also ordered one extra and Jan also ordered some colors too.  I found a coupon code on facebook for 15% off.  So for the price of roughly 5 manicures at Walmart I now can do my own at home.  In my pajamas.

It came in the mail yesterday so of course I had to try it out last night!!!!  Pictures are not the greatest, turns out it's hard to get a good picture of nails! And it was at night so lighting is a factor as well.  The first one is probably the truest to real.
 I couldn't decide which color I'd want and didn't know what the colors would look like on so I did 3 colors!  I love the pink which is actually called cranberry and the teal.  The grey is called London's fog and that was a tricky bugger!  It was weird, on my thumbs the color went on perfectly and dark.  The other 2 nails I did like 3 coats on my left hand and 4 on the right!!!!  The other 2 colors I did 2 coats each.
 And here's my right hand.  You know it's tricky painting with your left hand anyway and with the gel you don't want to get it on the cuticles or sides but it's hard to wipe off with the left hand!  I think I still did okay.  My middle fingernails on both hands are wonky shaped so in this picture looks a little ginormous.
  I'm glad I decided to finally buy the kit!  Now I'm looking for more colors!  Neon would be fun :) Tee hee

Friday, May 9, 2014

disconcerting dreams

I had a dream about Scott last night.  It started out somehow that I was at a marina and had been wanting to take our boat our but a storm was coming in so I was tying the boat to the dock.  I am not a boat person so I was having trouble getting the knot to stay.  A boat tour had just let out so people were walking by and a couple of his friends stopped and told me how to tie the knot.  I recognized them from the funeral so I introduced myself in case they didn't know who I was.  I shook hands with both of them and then I spotted Scott coming down the dock from the boat tour.  I immediately forgot about the people and ran up to him.  The scene changed and we were in a theater of sorts that held a high school reunion for my high school.  There were lots of people milling about waiting to take a group picture.  Scott and I were having fun, running around, holding hands and joking together.  I remember thinking in the dream how proud I was to have my classmates meet him and see how tall and handsome and funny he is.  But in the same thought I realized that I am also a widow and worried that it would be weird.  The dream ended when I realized that some of the group of classmates had taken a picture previous to the reunion and they had never intended to let the rest of us be a part of the picture with our spouses.  I was really upset and looking around registering the surprise and shock from the others there.  Scott said he needed to go to the bathroom to wash his hands.  I watched him go in but he never came out.  The rest of the dream was me going from restroom to restroom trying to find him, thinking somehow he had gone in to a different one.  The crowd thinned out and I got bolder, going inside the men's room calling for him.  But he was gone.

I woke up confused.  I long for the elation of being with him.  The silly, fun times we had.  I knew in my dream that I was a widow but I still so wanted to believe that he was here with me.  I think I had that dream because I posted this picture of me and him with his family at Disneyland in 1999 right before he went to Korea.  Last night I was reminiscing about how much fun we had and even though we were with his family it was us.  We were having so much fun.  We loved going to Disneyland together.  We went one other time right before Thanksgiving one year.  We had to board our dogs at the time but then we ran around like two kids.  Scott was very tall so rides were a tricky thing for him, but I remember we'd still cram ourselves into the sled thing for the Matterhorn and Splash Mountain where you sit one in front of the other.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

new quilt

Welp folks a new quilt pattern has caught my eye!  Reading my blog roll this morning on bloglovin' I came across Moda Bake Shop and this pattern called Floral Gatherings.  And you know I have all that kind of fabric already!  Not the Moda specific fabric but all colors and such.  I'm heading out to the craft house now!

I've added an addendum!  Here's how far I got today - I'd say pretty good :)
 So I got almost everything cut out.  I ran out of solid white but will replenish that tomorrow at Joann's.  I have a coupon :)  So the pattern just had the little corner 4-squares as the lighter tan but I thought it would be fun to mix it up and add the darker browns.  I'm still debating if I'm going to add sashing or not???  Maybe?  Or not. IDK.
This is the first completely finished square - it is giant!  It's like 36 inches~ I didn't measure it but the pattern says that's what it would turn out as.

Aaaaand, because my puppies are just so cute!  Here's some pictures of them.  Don't mind the spray bottle that fell off the ironing board in the backround.  

 And Rocky was punishing his shark toy.  I couldn't get a still picture of him because he was really getting it!
 And then he just flopped onto it.  He is so funny with his toys.  He goes from annihilating them to snuggling them.