Sunday, May 31, 2009

More projects

Okay, so here are a couple finished projects. A lady at work is pregnant and had her shower yesterday. I had been looking at a baby registry for my hairdresser and she had requested a nursing cover, and she said something like "those are cool." Well, it doesn't take much to encourage me to make something! So, I had kind of been wanting to make one for someone for awhile actually, like a year. At my old job there was a lady who was nursing and had made herself one, and I had never seen one and thought it was cool and thought it might also make a good gift. I think the hardest part was deciding which fabric I would use. The checkered looking one I lined because the fabric was a teensy bit see-through. I used exactly a yard for each and just cut a strip off one end of the width to make the strap. On the brown one, I just hemmed around the border, so easy. In between the straps there is some boning that I just made a casing around, it makes the cover stand away from the body a little bit to be able to see down to the baby. Then, I was a little stumped as to what to do with the straps. Since I have never had to think about nursing, I wasn't sure what would be the easiest thing?? Straps fixed, adjustable, or velcro, buttons, who knows? I asked around and the consensus seemed to be that velcro would work just fine, but one person brought up a great point that when the baby might get a little older to tug it might not hold as well? So, I poked around one of my sewing boxes and found some "D" rings and also one of those clasp things that you use on overalls. So, I used one of each so they are both adjustable. :) I also made her a couple of pacifier clips, inspired from my friend Jen, who sells them in her Shoppe. The one with the dragonflies is actually just ribbon, both I used velcro as a closure. All in all I think she liked everything. I also bought my standard gift, which is some Beaudreax's Butt Paste and a Carter's hooded towel. I usually also get a cute little onesy or outfit but thought I had enough to make a good gift. Sorry the pics aren't that great, they were in my car and folded.

So, in other news, our geese are getting soooo big! They are so cute and I love them dearly! No names yet. Hubby bought them as little babies and they have graduated into the chicken coop. They don't have honks yet, just a cute little squawk. The other day I was taking water out to them and had June in tow and she stuck her head in the door of the coop and one of the geese hissed at her! They are so funny. They come up to me now, especially since I take them water.

The other night we had the most fabulous thunderstorm! Oh, how I love a good thunderstorm! The sky was dark and the air was a little charged, it was great! When we lived in Tennessee those were the BEST storms, but depending on if there could be a tornado attached it would get kinda scary. Man, those are some of the best memories. The pouring, pouring rain and humidity and lightening bugs. I have no way to describe how comforting to me that combination of feelings is to me.

So, whenever there is a warm rain, I just love it. And, we have a metal roof so the rain sounds awesome! There was also a huge rainbow across the back yard. I didn't get the entire arch, just each side. And, I didn't notice until posting this that it looks double.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My heart today

Okay, so I really should be packing. What is going on is that the house we live in doesn't have a foundation, it is a really old house that is built on a hill but doesn't have a foundation. So, we have to move out while the foundation is put in and also I think a basement (?). The thing is, I'm really burned out on packing. And worrying. I found a house that I'd love to move into; it's close to where I work, quiet neighborhood, clean. Downfalls? I have been out of touch with "real" renting in so long! The rent is more than double of what we have been paying, AND we have to pay $30 per person to apply to live there. I know, I know, apparently this is standard. So everyone tells me. It's like, let me get this straight, I have to pay to apply and then I might not even get the house I want??? I'm sorry, but that's a bum deal. I have been spoiled.
I have to share a little of church this morning though, so I had to take a break. I honestly was just blown away! I attend a Calvary Chapel church and the thing with Calvary churches that I love is that they go through scripture verse by verse, chapter by chapter. For me, that's what works. So, we are in Titus 3, and today was verses 1-8. Titus is kind of like an instruction manual for what the church should be. Chapter 3 is like a review of what the gospel teaches. It starts off, "Remind the people". I'm not going to get into the whole thing, just the part that hit me on the head. Verse 3-7, "at one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs by his grace, having the hope of eternal life."
But what does that mean? We all, without probably realizing it are sinners. We just are. But, God loved us anyways - check out Romans 5:8, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." We did nothing to earn His love, and can do nothing to earn it - He just loves us, all of us. We can choose to accept His love or reject it. When we accept it, and let the Holy Spirit into our hearts we are reborn and renewed. This is huge. When our hearts are renewed, it is because of God's love. When our minds are renewed, it is because of God's love. The credit all goes to God. What I mean when I say renewed is this: before accepting Christ I would have looked at someone with anger - even little things. Like they cut me off in the grocery store and I'd be like "that jerk!". But now, when I feel that twinge of anger, the Holy Spirit is there to prick me. It can happen before or afterwards, but now it happens. I think differently, feel differently. I'll let things roll off, maybe say a prayer for someone, or smile at them instead of scowl. With big things it is pretty much the same, I pray and try to think how does God want me to deal with this? Right here is the hard part, where I think most people give up. We have to be in the word of God, reading the bible daily, seeking Him. But when we do we find Him and His love is obvious. He is there to shelter us, protect, love, be our friend, it goes on and on.
The part that really hit me on the head is that the Pastor today kept saying, I know this is all review, I know we all know this. Yeah, we SHOULD, is what I wanted to reply. The sad part is, I don't know that everyone does. At the beginning of the chapter, it said "Remind the people" and I think that's exactly what I needed. My head has been spinning about this move, I've lost touch with my friends and family, my devotions, everything feels out of control and the last thing I was thinking was that "God love me no matter what"! After church, my heart and mind were renewed by the reminder of His love for me!
Off the subject, I wanted to share this picture I took. One of the parks here has an entire lawn covered with flags for Memorial Day. The date is wrong, sorry.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Memory verse

I have, unfortunately, dropped off the scripture memory verse wagon :( But, I'm getting back on! I have missed that closeness with the Lord and committing His word to my heart and mind. I'm easing back in with a simpler verse to remember.

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1 (NIV)

This is especially close to my heart right now because I have so much on my mind and just being reminded how God is there to help is huge.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yarn projects

Okay, so I've gone a little ami (amigurumi) crazy! I made a fun little owl for Jan - I already gave it to her so there are no pictures. I used a turquoise for the top of the head, a grassy green for the body, a light aqua for the eyes, and a sunny yellow for the nose. I got the pattern from this book, which I found on Amazon for a great deal since our local book store didn't have it, and curiously enough Michaels doesn't keep all their crochet and knitting books next to the yarn (?) which is where I had looked for it.

Anywhoo, yesterday I went to a yarn sale. A lady at the office next door to mine had told me about it, and I almost didn't go. She had said that it was an estate sale, so I figured I'd better check it out in case there were tons of fabulous things :) You would have had to see all the yarn to believe it dude! Seriously! It was like an entire garage full! I didn't buy any yarn, but couldn't pass up these books, they are all copyrighted from the 50's, except the one on shells. I think it's probably from the 60's. I'm going to have to air them out a teensy bit though since I think they've just been stored for so long.

And now, another ami. This little piggy is from the Lion Brand Yarn website in the free pattern section. The pattern on the site had the pig as pink with darker pink for the nose, ears and legs. But, I thought it might be more fun to have blue. I think I should have probably put the legs a little lower like under it, rather than sort of on the side but I think it's still cute. It is for my friend Tammy, she likes pigs. I hope she'll like it :)

P.S. the times on the photos are not correct, it reset when I changed the batteries.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finished products and such

Warning! There are a ton of pictures on this post!

I finally bought the right type of rechargable batteries for my camera so I can share picts again :) And these are really OLD pictures! Well, since February. Okay, first up is what I received from the Vintage Pink Christmas Swap, I got it right before Valentine's day. Better late than never, right? My partner was Heidi (aka: Spiritual Knitter). She knitted the angel dishcloth for me, and I LOVE it! There were all kinds of stuff in there, fun to look through!

The next swap I did was a Valentine's day swap, and I received my package first. There was one of those cardboard jointed signs, and a couple paper vday decorations. She took one of those heart shaped candy boxes and dumped out the chocolate and filled the little wrappers with plastic beads, feathers, lace, and plastic rings.

And this is what I sent her - a ton of scrapbooking paper, embelishments, brads. A little notebook, a journal, embroidered dishtowels and some Ghiridelli chocolate. I put it all in a big pink box that could be reused. Sorry for the glare on the pic :)

I found this blue vase at Goodwill and thought it was pretty :)

Okay, onto finished projects!

So, I have this picture frame that I took the glass out of and make like a scrapbook page for each season, this is what Valentine's day was :) I also crocheted a couple of red hearts and they were also sitting next to the frame. I had already put them up before I took the picture.

I mentioned before that I had started crocheting again, and this is one of the things that I have finished. It an amigurumi lamb. It is the first amigurumi that I have made, and I think it turned out cute. It is from this book that I found at the libary. What I learned from it was that my stitches were not quite tight enough once I stuffed it.

Then, I stumbled across an amigurumi Hello Kitty! Argh! I just HAD to make one! The only problem being that the directions found were in Japanese. But, after a diligent search I did find a comparable pattern in English :) on Ravelry, which is one of my new favorite sites. So, here is the first one - I like everything except the dress. I didn't have a pattern so I made this pink thing, only to discover that I really should use a thinner yarn.

This one I made for Jan's daughter for her birthday, I put it on the outside of the gift bag. I put little beads in the center of the flowers. It's funny because I used the same pattern as the first but since I was holding the yarn so tightly it came out a lot smaller. I just didn't want the stuffing to show through since it was a gift. I made a little teensy bit larger version of the same dress for the first doll.

Okay, so I know this is a random photo, but I just really liked how my kitchen window looked the other night :) Fridays I get off work at noon, so I had time to grocery shop before going home and I stopped at Thunderbird which is where I pretty much always go. So, walking up to the produce aisle there was a lady dressed as a tomato (?) I think. I was a big round red costume and she had a hat on with all sort of fruit. So, she could have been an apple also. I wish I had a picture of that to put on here! But, the point was that they had a free sample table. She said if you like the salad then they would give you a bag with all the ingredients and recipe for free. Not one to pass up free stuff I took it! The recipe was called "Cowboy Salad" and it was black beans, kidney beans, green onion, cilantro, 3 tomatoes, corn and a dressing. The dressing was just a mix of the juice squeezed from half a lime, salt, pepper, canola oil, and a little vinegar. I don't usually measure those things but I think it was like a teaspoon of all the liquids and then dashes of the s & p. It turned out really yummy :)t

Friday, May 8, 2009

17 Again

This will just be super quick. I went to see 17 Again last night and I have to say I was cracking up!!! The friend in the movie, Ned, was absolutely hilarious!! I would have been laughing out loud a little bit more, except that I had gone by myself and there were not many people in the theater and I didn't want to be the weirdo laughing by herself!

Last weekend while I was driving down to Redding I was listening to Bob and Tom (which is rare ) and they were talking about the difference between nerds and geeks and had referenced the friend in the movie. Ned is definitely a geek - and that is what made him so stinkin funny! What they were talking about on the Bob and Tom was how you can be a geek or a nerd about anything, not just like Trekkie kind of stuff. So, I would say I am definitely a craft geek :) LOL