Saturday, February 16, 2013


I missed my list last week (say that 10 times fast!) so I'll just go for the list this week:

Things I do every day:

Drink coffee
brush my teeth morning and night
go to work
work out
cuddle my puppy dogs
make up silly songs
curse the alarm

finally a finish!

Finally!  A finish.  I finished this quilt this afternoon.  I have to say the stippling went really fast on this one.  So, the gal I made this for asked for navy, brown, green and a pop of orange and she wanted it to have a vintage feel.  I am really not sure if it feels vintage or not but some of the fabrics feel that way.  The theme in the baby's room is airplanes and trucks.  And for real it's kind of hard to find those fabrics!  Of course, now that this is done they will pop up all over!  That always happens!arrow quiltHere's the back view.  I thought in my head that I had a whole bunch of that blue countryside scene fabric and turned out I didn't.  No matter though because I really like to do a fun pieced back.  My original idea was to have the arrows meet exactly in the middle, but again, didn't have enough of the blue to make that work.  I'm happy with how it turned out though.  The binding, which you can't really tell from the photos is a dark navy Denyse Schmidt that I got when Joann's was closing the old store at either 75 or 90% off, I don't remember.  Either way I got a screaming deal.  It's got a little print on it thast shows up more on the front.arrow quilt backI really just had to add this photo because while I was taking pics of the quilt the boys were, of course, running around in front, behind and around the quilt.  So, here you see a bit of Rocky at the bottom of the quilt sniffing around.100_3285[1]
I think I mentioned before but I will again that I got the idea for the pattern from the Moda Bake Shop "on the go" quilt.  Although I didn't really follow the pattern at all.  For mine I did a 4.5 x 9 flying geese block and then just attached it to 3 rectangles and then cut the whole thing down to 9" square.  It was really quick and easy.  In the moda pattern you are doing 2 half square triangles to make the point of the arrows and I really didn't want that seam down the middle of the tip and I didn't want to break up my patterns with that seam.  Less seams = better, for me.
And, to be fair so I don't seem biased towards one pup, here's Joey: 100_3287[1] He's just too cool to pose for a picture. Especially when he'd really rather be getting a treat or running amok.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Now that I got the list out of the way I can ramble a bit :)  The Fairy Princess (Charese) and I went to ballet again today.  The last class was mostly at the barre so a lot of standing still and only a little floor work.  Today was all floor work.  Either way kind of doesn't matter since I don't know what I'm doing!  The teacher is very encouraging to us since it's very obvious neither of us have ever had any lessons.  I did get a "good job Clementine!" while we were doing these little brush point hop hop hops across the studio.  She, um, couldn't remember my name (who ever does?) but I knew she meant me and that was worth it!  I can kind of figure out what I should be doing if I can watch someone else slowly and then copy.  If I can't do that then I don't know what my body should be doing AT ALL.  Charese is such a good sport, she still wants to go back!
In other news, I am making really good progress reading more books this year!  I think I've read 5 or 6 so far!  And, I'm almost done with the back of the arrow quilt and then I can move on!  The top is finished and the back just needs to be sewn together and then it's almost done.  I have a couple small projects to finish and then back to my UFOs.  I've decided I need to go back to being stricter with myself and not start something new if I haven't finished what I'm working on.  Unless it's a doll.  Because sometimes that urge just sneaks up on me and I will just have to make it :) 

#52 lists

I've decided to join in on a little thing, making a list every week for the year.  There's a little thing going on #52 lists at Meet Me At Mike's.  I'm joining late so I won't end up with 52, but eh, who cares?  The subject this week is:

                                               Favorite Smells:
1. campfire, burning leaves, fireplace....
2. violets
3. lemon scented cleaner
4. coffee
5. vine ripened tomato warm from the sun
6. oranges
7. diesel exhaust sometimes
8. peppermint
9. daffodils
10. scotch tape