Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, again with a post sans pictures.  Sorry.  I don't have any finishes to show!  I am kind of chilling out right now :)  and what that means is that I made a dress this morning and have been knitting otherwise.  And reading.  I bought a couple of adirondack chairs last summer and I put one on the deck which is in the sun and the other in the grass under one of the trees in the back yard and I've been rotating which one I sit in and I'm either knitting or reading. 
I'm reading Jane Eyre right now and it's perfect.  Since I've seen so many versions of the movie I can really savor the book because I already know what's going to happen.  And, I just love the pace of the book.  I think since it was written so long ago, and the language is a little archaic at times, the pace is different.  And Jane.  Jane obsesses over things, or at least just really thinks about things so much.  I can so relate to that.
Oh, I almost forgot!  I bought some squash plants last weekend!  They have been living in the kitchen because our weather is frigid!  We had frost warnings at least 2-3 times this week.  So, today was overcast but a little warmish so I put them in bigger pots and put them out in the sun.  My Mom gave me an heirloom tomato plant when I went to visit last and I had such high hopes for that little plant.  Um.  but we almost had snow the week before last (or last week?) and it succumbed to the chill because someone isn't good at remembering to cover plants when it's cold.  I'm blaming Joey.  That dog has such a terrible memory!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

hairyness or the lack thereof

This will have to be a super quick post but I just wanted to chime in.  I got my hair cut yesterday and it's such a funny thing.  I had started a couple years ago to grow my bangs out.  Which, if you've ever tried to do, you know that it is a painfully annoying process.  There are so many awkward stages.  Well, anyways, in growing my bangs the rest of my hair took the cue.  And then I thought, hey why not see how long it can get?  So I did.  It got about to my bra strap (halfway down my back) before it started to get all broken and yucky looking and super annoying.  So, yesterday Annette cut it all off and it will be mailed to "Locks of Love" to hopefully help make a wig for a cancer patient.  Grin.  And now I am back to me!  I instantly felt like I had gotten myself back when my cut was done.  That's what I mean about funny - like my hair being long or short should make me more or less me :)
 BTW did I mention how I got a new giant bubble wand and it's the bomb diggity?  I did and I love it. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Christmas in June

I know, it's too early to be thinking of Christmas!  But, I needed a change of pace and something fairly quick to work on.  I am thinking I will add more white and then quilt it for a nice wallhanging.  I really like this block, it's just really not that quick of a block so I can't imagine doing a whole quilt with like 9-12 of them!  Yikes. 
So, what else is new?  Not much really.  I started going to zumba and water aerobics at the Y.  I was scared to death to be seen in public in a swimsuit but I found some shorts that sorta hide my butt and it's not so bad.  Not cute, mind you!  But not so bad.  The class is actually really easy, I don't know what I was expecting?  I love being in the water so it's fun.  Zumba is fun, too.
I started reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte yesterday because I figured since I've seen practically every version of it on film I should probably just go ahead and read the book.  My favorite version so far is a BBC version, natch.  I am also going to try and start going to book club again for Summer since I think we are moving bible study back to Mondays.  So, I'll keep you updated there.
Today is 81 degrees which is practically like a heat wave since we've been lucky to hit 60!  I'm loving it :)  So are the boys because when it's nice and warm I like to sit out back and read and they get to run amok.  Yesterday I got Rocky a new squeak toy and it was hilarious to watch him grab it, run to the couch and squeek it practically to death and then when I went outside he packed it with him and ran up and down the yard with it.  Love.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

tumbling jewels finished

The weather today has totally redeemed the weekend!  It's a sunny 69, and to me that feels v. warm compared to the rest of the week!  I'll take it ;)
Anyhow, since it was fa-reezing yesterday I didn't feel guilty at all about staying indoors the whole day and finishing the quilt. Here's the finished front view: 100_3118[1] front view tumbling jewels There's a piece of thread there on the front that I wish I had noticed before I took the pictures! Bah! OH well. Speaking of thread though, I really like the way the variegated jewel tones turned out. And the straight line stitching was a breeze with my old metal machine! Here's the back: back view tumbling jewels The colors are much truer in this picture: 100_3129[1] As I was taking pictures, I had a constant companion in Joey! He was right next to me the whole time. I was getting an up close of the binding and stitching and then decided he was much cuter! 100_3136[1] Dontcha think? Anyways, not sure I'm completely crazy about the binding but I had to use it due to the challenge! So, now that that's done - what now? I guess I'll go back to the star quilt I was working on. Or maybe some small projects for some instant gratification?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

gadgets and tea

Okay, so I'm taking a break from quilting because I ran out of thread!  LOL.  I thought I had 3 spools of the variegated jewel thread but apparently not.  I think I'll be done with the quilt later today or tomorrow if I poop out :)  So, I got the chance to try out a new gadget this morning.  I had seen it on one of my favorite  quilting bloggers posts and had to try it out.  I saved the torn into package in case you'd like to track one down also.  It's called Kwik Klip and it's for when you are basting with safety pins.  The wooden thing with the metal at the top is the gadget.  So, you know how when you are pulling the safety pin together and have to get the pointy end caught in the little top part (geez I'm so technical!) and your fingers can start to get sore after a gazillion pins?  Well with this thing you get the pin through the layers and then just use the metal part of the gadget to slip the pin closed.  There are little grooves on the end that hold the pin while closing, it's super easy!  Really glad I tracked this down.  Also another little help has been keeping my pins in a little jar.  I just mod podged on some of my favorite fabric to disquise the branding on the lid.  Good stuff.
Last Sunday a few ladies and I got together for high tea in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  It was wonderful!  We all wore hats and dresses up, Charese and I even had our white gloves on!  This is funny, Jennifer if you read this post - I wore the gloves from when I was a bridesmaid in your wedding!  I've held onto them all this time just in case and they were perfect!  100_3104[1] Here's a shot of the table, it was beautiful, and we noshed on finger sandwiches, english muffins with jam, olives, cheese stuffed dates, and individual trifles for dessert!  And, of course, there was no shortage of tea which was lovely.  Funny thing, it started getting overcast and rainy as soon as our tea party started so we really felt that we were in England!  Course the rain and cold have stuck around all week!  Today is a high of 51.
And, off to Joann's for thread!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

tumbling jewels

Okay, so the top is done!  I've decided this quilt's name is "Tumbling Jewels" since I mostly used jewel tones.  Now that I look at the picture I sort of wish I had added another row of orange on the right side somehow.  Hmpf.  eh.