Sunday, June 10, 2012

tumbling jewels finished

The weather today has totally redeemed the weekend!  It's a sunny 69, and to me that feels v. warm compared to the rest of the week!  I'll take it ;)
Anyhow, since it was fa-reezing yesterday I didn't feel guilty at all about staying indoors the whole day and finishing the quilt. Here's the finished front view: 100_3118[1] front view tumbling jewels There's a piece of thread there on the front that I wish I had noticed before I took the pictures! Bah! OH well. Speaking of thread though, I really like the way the variegated jewel tones turned out. And the straight line stitching was a breeze with my old metal machine! Here's the back: back view tumbling jewels The colors are much truer in this picture: 100_3129[1] As I was taking pictures, I had a constant companion in Joey! He was right next to me the whole time. I was getting an up close of the binding and stitching and then decided he was much cuter! 100_3136[1] Dontcha think? Anyways, not sure I'm completely crazy about the binding but I had to use it due to the challenge! So, now that that's done - what now? I guess I'll go back to the star quilt I was working on. Or maybe some small projects for some instant gratification?

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