Sunday, June 17, 2012

Christmas in June

I know, it's too early to be thinking of Christmas!  But, I needed a change of pace and something fairly quick to work on.  I am thinking I will add more white and then quilt it for a nice wallhanging.  I really like this block, it's just really not that quick of a block so I can't imagine doing a whole quilt with like 9-12 of them!  Yikes. 
So, what else is new?  Not much really.  I started going to zumba and water aerobics at the Y.  I was scared to death to be seen in public in a swimsuit but I found some shorts that sorta hide my butt and it's not so bad.  Not cute, mind you!  But not so bad.  The class is actually really easy, I don't know what I was expecting?  I love being in the water so it's fun.  Zumba is fun, too.
I started reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte yesterday because I figured since I've seen practically every version of it on film I should probably just go ahead and read the book.  My favorite version so far is a BBC version, natch.  I am also going to try and start going to book club again for Summer since I think we are moving bible study back to Mondays.  So, I'll keep you updated there.
Today is 81 degrees which is practically like a heat wave since we've been lucky to hit 60!  I'm loving it :)  So are the boys because when it's nice and warm I like to sit out back and read and they get to run amok.  Yesterday I got Rocky a new squeak toy and it was hilarious to watch him grab it, run to the couch and squeek it practically to death and then when I went outside he packed it with him and ran up and down the yard with it.  Love.

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