Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, again with a post sans pictures.  Sorry.  I don't have any finishes to show!  I am kind of chilling out right now :)  and what that means is that I made a dress this morning and have been knitting otherwise.  And reading.  I bought a couple of adirondack chairs last summer and I put one on the deck which is in the sun and the other in the grass under one of the trees in the back yard and I've been rotating which one I sit in and I'm either knitting or reading. 
I'm reading Jane Eyre right now and it's perfect.  Since I've seen so many versions of the movie I can really savor the book because I already know what's going to happen.  And, I just love the pace of the book.  I think since it was written so long ago, and the language is a little archaic at times, the pace is different.  And Jane.  Jane obsesses over things, or at least just really thinks about things so much.  I can so relate to that.
Oh, I almost forgot!  I bought some squash plants last weekend!  They have been living in the kitchen because our weather is frigid!  We had frost warnings at least 2-3 times this week.  So, today was overcast but a little warmish so I put them in bigger pots and put them out in the sun.  My Mom gave me an heirloom tomato plant when I went to visit last and I had such high hopes for that little plant.  Um.  but we almost had snow the week before last (or last week?) and it succumbed to the chill because someone isn't good at remembering to cover plants when it's cold.  I'm blaming Joey.  That dog has such a terrible memory!

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