Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proverbs 18:21 "The tongue has the power of life and death, those who love it will eat its fruit."

So, I have to get something off my chest or I might die. I have a friend, who shall remain unnamed - not that she even reads my blog, but anyway! I invited her to a bible study, and was SO excited that she was going with me and getting a lot out of it. Like, a lot. Everything was going along just fine until someone said something that bothered her. And now she's not going anymore. When you have a friend and there is something you share together and then it ends it's so sad. I keep hoping she'll change her mind, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.
The thing is, in the setting we were in I felt like we should ALL be free to share our feelings. Even if it could offend someone. But, the thing is the more I think about it the more I know that can't be true. My mom always said "think before you speak". Mostly because I'd say (and still do) whatever came to mind at whatever time. Sometimes that is inappropriate, hurtful, rude, any number of things really.
I kept thinking of this verse tonight from Proverbs 18:21 "The tongue has the power of life and death, those who love it will eat its fruit." What we say can be hurtful not only to others but to ourselves. This could be a comment, a lie, gossip, a rude joke.....so many negative things. But, it can also give life - we can give compliments, encourage one another, lift up, speak the truth. We can also refrain from any and all. Sometimes that is the best thing to do.
The comment that came out killed that relationship, she will no longer go to bible study. And her experience is tainted by one little thing. The ripple effect of that comment is felt by all of us even though only one person said it. At the end of the verse, those who love it will eat its fruit.....that's scary. It doesn't say the fruit will taste good. It could be bitter. One statement could ruin a relationship and cause lonliness. Or distrust, or fear, or make you the laughingstock of cruelty.
How much better to let the things that we say build people up so that the fruit we eat is sweet? That is what I aspire to, even though I miss the mark repeatedly. I struggle with gossip and just complaining. I need to think - if that person walked up would they be glad to hear what I've said about them?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bounty Bummer

I just have to get this out there because it's killing me! Every Fall for like the past 10 years - since I've lived on my own anyways - I have bought Bounty paper towels with the Charlie Brown characters playing football on them. This year? Nowhere to be found. Trust me, I've checked every store here in town. Nada. I think other people bought them too, why did they go away? The only thing Fall-ish was a different brand and it was just leaves.
In other news, I bought my first Victoria's Secret bra yesterday. My friend Kristin will only wear that brand, and my Olga bras have run their course. I popped over to Medford yesterday and stopped in. I have to say I do like the lift, but boy is it a boob rack now! When I was little I used to put my knees in the front of my shirt and say - that's how big I want my boobs, just like Dolly Parton. Well, my childhood dream came true with the first bra I tried on!!!!!! No kidding - they were OUT there! I went with the tame version, of course.
The best part of yesterday was when I went to Michaels. I think I wrote before about really wanting a Lemax light up house for Christmas. So, in particular I wanted the "Medford Glass" house. And guess what? Not only did they have it, it was clearance priced to $24.99 from $59.99 AND the only one left! It was meant to be, that's all I'm saying.....
I am officially freaking out about my swap gift. I have NO CLUE what to get her. Not only that I had started to buy things and I saw gifts that other people have gotten and everything I bought looks stupid. Oh well, I still have another week to comb the town.
So, when I was little every year my Grandpa would come visit for the entire month of December. He'd come out for my birthday and stay until after New Year's. I LOVED it. I LOVED him. I would get him the same gift every year - a box of chocolate covered cherries. It was the only thing he would ever tell me he wanted, so that's what I would get him. Until I was a little older - then he'd say stuff like suspenders, pj's, hankies. But the problem there was he would tell everyone the same thing so we'd all get him duplicates. LOL. So, last night amidst the Christmas decor in Michaels I felt very nostalgic and bought a box. I have to say, they are not the best but they did remind me of him. Boy, do I miss him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beads and stuff

So, the other night - I think Tuesday night - I came home and this --->
is what my dining room table looked like! Truckie asleep on top of my projects! I know, I know - I shouldn't even have my crafts dominating the dining room table, but honestly I think it's been a loooooong time since we've used it for it's original purpose. So he was very unhappy with me moving him, but I had to so I could take the pictures! LOL
I found this little runner sort of thing that's embroidered with the lovely lady at Goodwill - of course! Since there are only like 2 thrift stores it's slim pickins. And I'm sure I overpaid for it - it was $2. But so pretty I had to have it. Geez, I'm a sucker!
I put the bracelets on top of the runner thing so you could see the colors. I'm happy with the way they all turned out. The red one was the one I made for Jan, she loved it as well. The yellow/brown one was inspired from the leaf charms, the two bigger leaf charms. They were actually a pair of earrings that broke and I stuck them in my q-tip jar in the bathroom like 8 years ago because I didn't want to throw them away! I took a second look at them and was like "those are perfect charms!" Must have a Fall theme bracelet! - and voila! Now, I have so many ideas! So, I'm thinking I HAVE to have a Christmas themed one, and Joann's has these cute clover shaped charms so I have to do a "lucky charms" theme! Get it, lucky charms like the cereal! LOL and also for St Patty's day. I know, I'm a nerd.
The only problem so far is the gold toned one is a softer metal I think. I have to either pony up for the more expensive stuff that is tougher, or think of a way to reinforce the links.....hmmm.
Oh! And there are the blocks that I found at the Keepers Corner - it's like this big store that people have booths at and a lot of it is antiques but some handmade things, a mish mash really. I'm sure I overpaid for those as well. They were in this little wooden basket that had two price tags. One was for the basket and said "vintage wooden fruit basket $2.95" and the other said "basket with blocks $5.95". So I told the lady I didn't want the basket and I figured that she would charge me half. I was wrong. I was charged $5.95. But in the past when I haven't bought something I wanted it was gone the next time I went in. I really wanted to ask her not to charge me the full price but then I didn't want to be too chintzy. You know? When I got home I spelled out "Give Thanks" and put the blocks on the bathroom windowsill next to my wooden turkey figurine I got in Bandon a couple years ago. Love it ;)
Today was the absolute longest day in the WORLD! Seriously. There was a work meeting at 7am. And I work until 5:30. So for real, this afternoon I was feeling like a cat in a paper bag. It was also super busy and contrary to the standard busy day goes by fast rule it didn't. Neverending. I should look on the bright side - at least I'm not still there. I feel so cut off from my life at this job. I'm almost thinking I need a cell phone just so at lunch I can go out to my car and call my fricken husband in private! I mean, I've tried to call from the break room on lunch, but there's always people around and that's awkward. So, the whole day I don't talk to him...it's just weird.
I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. Which reminds me I need to list what I'm thankful for:
My husband
Tights that are long enough
New cute pointy toed shoes that are comfy to walk in :)
It's almost weekend time!
Books to read
I know how to read
Gainful employment

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Giving Thanks Challenge

I, like Lisa, am a copycat blogger. I admit it! This is such a good one to copy though! One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is when you sit and reflect on the things you are thankful for. And, why wait until Thanksgiving really? So, I am participating in the "giving thanks challenge", and you can read about it here. I added the button to my sidebar, and you're supposed to add the things you're thankful for underneath. Somehow, mine is all jumbled together. Not sure how to fix that....I guess it doesn't really matter much. So, the things I am thankful for today are:


Freedom of religion

My husband

Sunlight on the lake

Fall colors in the trees

Coupons for Joanns so I can stock up on crafting items


Cranberry scents

The wooden letter blocks I found at the "Keepers Corner" store yesterday that I spelled "Give Thanks" for on my bathroom windowsill and it looks so cute next to the wooden turkey!

Enough of everything - food, money, good health, gas in my car, heat in the house

The laundry pile is almost to the bottom

Watching the dogs play with their toys

I'm sure there's lots, lots more I could list, but I'm going to end now. I am so excited because I'm participating in an ornament exchange from the Siesta Fiesta Blog! So, my partner, Cassie was right on it with emailing me to get to know me and let me know what she's interested in. She likes a Western theme, and I know just the place to look for a fabulous ornament!!!! I'm hoping that there will be something cute at the Grange Co-op here in town. They were putting up Christmas decorations the last time I went in to buy dog food, so I'm going to check it out today! I'm also participating in a swap, a Pink Vintage Christmas swap. And I've started to accumulate goodies for that as well! My partner for that swap is Heidi, and I've got a few fun ideas for her as well. Hopefully I have enough time for everything!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mish-mash of thoughts

So, just so you all know, it snowed ALL day yesterday........all day. But, that didn't stop me from going to the bead store at lunch or Joann's after work. Oh no. I LOVE my charm bracelet that I fanagled on Sunday...and must make more! I showed it to Jan and she was like "when are you making me one?" So, really I have to make another one, and she wanted a red one. I know, I know - no pics! I left my camera in the truck and even though I walk by it twice a day I never remember to stop and open it up and grab my camera. Maybe tonight will be the night?

I'm not going to get into my views or beliefs about the election results. I know that some people are excited and some people are upset and what I think doesn't really matter now. I voted and did my part so now what I'm doing is praying. I've been praying for safety for the president-elect and his family. I'm praying for unity for our country. I think it's important to intercede for others, and this prayer from the LPM blog says it perfectly!
In other news, I miss my friends that I talked to everyday, emailed everyday, looked at their sweet faces everyday! I feel like I have been sent to Siberia. Literally. I'm thankful to have a job to go to, but it's rough not knowing these people. And knowing that they don't know me, and don't really fully appreciate my quirks yet. And honestly I don't know if they ever will.
So, also I rented "Kitt Kittredge" the other night, it's the movie that takes one of the American Doll characters and tells their story. I thought it was very cute, although a little downtrodden for a children's story. Of course, her character lives in the Depression, so of course it's downtrodden. But, I have to say that when I was a kid I didn't really want to be worrying about whether my parents had jobs and that type of thing. And I'll just say that I didn't live a charmed life, I was raised by a single mom and we didn't have a car until I was in high school. But, somehow my mom sheltered me from a lot of stuff, or I was oblivious. I also have to say that I loved her hair and the color of it. I think it would definitely be too light for me, but I loved it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Speaking of beads....

So, I was loitering in Joann's, just perusing the aisles....and decided I need to start beading! Oh, yeah. Like I need to start a new project! So, I bought one of the started kits and went home to try my hand at it. What I've found out from previous forays into beading is that I don't know what I'm doing. So, this time I read up a little. I always figure things out from books it seems, and thank goodness I've stumbled into blog-land to see what other ppl are up to! Anways, I'm very excited and glad to have the distraction from my job woes. I had some pink glass beads that I had bought probably 5 years ago because they were on clearance for like .25 cents, and geez I just had to have them! Good thing though, because they are making super cute little charm bead things. I'll post a pic when I'm done, but I'm working on a charm bracelet. It's fun to put different sizes and shapes together - there are so many variations! Love it!