Saturday, August 17, 2013

and i ramble on again

Last weekend my Mom and I had a lovely visit to the coast. It was foggy and overcast most of the time, and chilly. But Saturday we drove down to Trinidad and it was raining and I thought "oh no! we'll get rained out". The closer we got, though, the clearer it was. It was beautiful. I hunted agates while Mom hid from the waves. I love, absolutely love, love listening to the waves while hunting agates. I could literally do that allll day. I'm glad that we took the time to go and relax because this week sucked. I had a major meltdown in Fred Meyer - the kind where strangers came up and asked if I was okay and the sweet boy at the front opened a checkout line just for me so I could GET OUT of there. Then, the next night I erased a very special phone message from my birthday from Scott. I was trying to record it onto my cell phone but it wasn't working and I thought I hit stop on the answering machine but no it was delete. BAH! Also, my camera quit working. The one that Scott bought me for my birthday a few years ago that I take all my pictures with and have used to share pictures for this very blog. Work has been a whirlwind as we are short staffed and to say that my nerves are frayed is an understatement. I took the camera to the shop today and was told that it must be a lens issue but I'd have to find a Kodak certified shop which they are not. Also, a friend had suggested taking my phone/answering machine in there for possible recovery of the message. He looked at me like I was extra special. I stepped out of the shop and started crying. So, basically if you see someone in a store, on the street, in the library, or really anywhere just randomly crying - it could be me! Or another widow, so be nice :) No one has been mean but I know that in my "before" I don't know what I would have thought if I came across someone like me now. You just never know. So, you may have picked up that I finally got a cell phone! Not particularly my choice but I am glad to have it! I wish now that I had gotten one sooner. I had been pondering and taking my sweet time to decide, then Scott died. My MIL added me onto their plan because she didn't like the idea of me being alone up here and traveling and not having a way to call for help if I needed it - how sweet is that?! I have been blessed with a loving family. It's funny though because I never thought I'd even use it, and now I'm like texting everyone! Haha. And Rocky doesn't like it, he thinks he should be getting all the attention that the phone is getting! A few things that came to mind this week about Scott that I want to share so I won't forget: * he loved regular malt flavored ovaltine * he loved Adams chunky peanut butter with the layer of oil on the top and would eat it with a spoon * He would put the phone up to the cats when they were purring so I could hear it through the phone, it would always make me happy * He would say "Hornberger!" (as did I) when we thought we got away with something cool. It's from 30 Rock, which we loved to watch. Also, in the store I say some chips that were chicken and waffle flavored and I thought, what would he think of that? I think it sounds grody.