Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunny day crafting

100_1868[1]So I made these two tea towels today, not sure if I am going to add some embroidery??? I'm kind of thinking no. But I might want to add some flowers or something. I wanted something a little springy and green to be a little St. Patty's-ish as well. Also, I'm starting to think that my wreath could be left plain because everything I try to add to it looks lame.

100_1863[1]So, these are a little craft I did for Valentines and then forgot to upload. I'm not sure I like them, and really don't even know what to do with them. But, do you ever just sort of start something and then feel like you need to finish it and then are like - huh. That's what happened here. I do really like the pink one, of course.

Also, can I please just say - why haven't I been using Flickr before to add my pictures??? !!!! I mean really? It's eons easier to get the pictures in between the text! Hmmmm, maybe this is another one of those things that pretty much everyone but me knows.....but I'm glad I know now!

Friday, February 26, 2010

banners and stuff

100_1857[1]I made this little banner today....I've been thinking I should make one for March and since St. Patty's day is the easiest thing to decorate for, this is what I came up with! I used my Cricut to cut out the basic shape, it is from the "Storybook" cartridge. I just have the old school small cricut size, not the expression although I would *love* one! Anyways, the middle shamrock shape I started embroidering like a year and a half ago and never did anything with it. It's sort of wonky, but that's okay.

I have some big plans for this weekend - NOT! Oh man, I totally just dated myself really badly! I am planning to figure out how to make some toadstools. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but there is a serious lack of toadstool shaped things here in town and I really want to finish up my March wreath this weekend! Soooo, I was thinking about making some out of bake-able clay? Or felt? I don't know, I just know that I will have a toadstool of some sort by Monday! Also, I'm thinking I need a little banner for my garden flag.

Bible study is at my house this Monday so I also will be cleaning......ewww. But necessary. Okay, so I so just got sidetracked! I went back to the Cricut website and was looking at all the new cartridges! O man, I so want this one, Give a Hoot!!! So many cute shapes!

What is everyone else up to this rainy weekend???

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I thought for sure that I had sabotaged myelf over the weekend.....I had a small buttered popcorn at the movies, tons of white rice and some candy. I guess that it was all okay though, because I am down another pound today! That brings my total to 27 lbs lost. I still have a ways to go, but that's okay! I didn't go to spin last night because I've been feeling crummy and like I'm getting sick. I'm kind of up in the air about going tonight since I still feel sort of yucky.

In other news, I passed my CPR recertification today! Ya-hooo! I get so stinkin nervous for tests that I thought I might not. It was so much easier this time though since it was a recert. I didn't kill my mannequin so that's good!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrifty finds

Friday since I don't work I usually troll around and see what I can find at the thrift stores. This past Friday I also went in to the Keepers Corner which is one of those places where people pay to have booths and sell a menagerie of stuff. I bought these two button jars for like $3 for total. The multicolored one has some really great shaped buttons! I love to look through buttons and they are sometimes just the perfect embellishment!
I have been looking and looking at the yellow cake stand for-like-ever! What finally made me buy is that I saw one almost identical at the KC for $75 - this one was only $2.75. Now I just need to find a perfect cloche or make a really yummy cake! I've also been collecting button kits that you can make your own covered buttons. I have also been collecting cute old books, for cardmaking and whatnot.
Okay, to explain the gaudy trim.....I can't really! I found it at the Goodwill "as is" store - and thought "what the who!" It might come in handy around fall when I'm making somthing and need a little something.....and it was super cheap! I bought the foam wreath for .25 cents at the Hospice thrift and have already covered it in felt.....I'll share the project once complete!
So, this barn shaped thing.....I have big, big plans for it! I have been alllll over town looking for a house shaped shadow box. Nada. And I walked into Goodwill today and this was in the cart to be put out - for $4.99. Frankly I feel that's a little steep but did not want to pass it up either since there is a lack of this type thing around these parts. Now to find the perfect color of spray paint. I'm not sure it will end up like this, but it is an inpiration. Is it not seriously so pretty??? So anyways there will be much renovation but hopefully mine will be pretty too in the end :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am stuck as well, same as Jennifer. I have stayed the same as last week, at least I did not gain! I did go spin 3 times last week, and added an abs class Thursday night. I know I really should go back to the abs class again this week but not sure I'm brave enough. There was a giant ball involved and frankly I'm not that coordinated! LOL, but I might try again.....we'll see.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

pink mitts

Another pair of fingerless mittens finished. This pair is for my friend Jan's daughter. I guess she had wanted a pair at the store but her fingers didn't go all the way. So I thought I'd make her a pair. I made these 10 stitches less than the pair I made for myself since she is 9 (?) and a lot smaller than me :) The more I look at them though, the smaller they look and so I'm reall hoping that they fit okay! These didn't take me too long at all, I started them yesterday morning and finished them this afternoon, not straight knitting - just while watching movies.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitted doll dress

I finished this dress on Wednesday night for Marisol (my doll). Yes, I realize it's a litte cuckoo to make clothes for dolls still at 33 years old. Oh, well though! So, I found the pattern on Ravelry if you're on there, but here's another link for the pattern on the blog. It was super easy, I did alter the pattern a teensy litte bit, I did 3 rows of eyelet and I think I made it a little bit longer. Then, threaded the ribbon through the eyelet holes. Now that I know how to knit with double pointed needles I have a feeling I will be knitting more for my dolls as well as myself :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I know, I know! Two posts in one day? What in the world! But, I wanted to share one of my "inspiration" dresses. I was digging through my fabric stash this weekend and I unearthed this dress. I know, the zipper is atrocious! I've always hated to put in zippers, especially without a zipper foot! And button holes....but anyways! I made it in high school and I've held onto it all these many moons because I love the fabric. And always in the back of my mind thought, maybe some day it will fit again. I have two such dresses. I'll get a pic of the other one later. What else is funny about this dress is that I still have the vintage pattern that I made it from....from 1973. I'm fairly sure that I bought it at a yard sale that my Mom would have dragged me to. Back in the day I HATED yard sales and thrift stores or any such thing! Loathed them. But, now, that's all a different story :)

Weight Loss......ummm Thursday?

Whoops! I didn't get my post done yesterday...sort of forgot all about it! But, if I had posted yesterday I would have posted that I have held the same, no weight lost. Since I'm posting today, though, I can happily share that I am down 1lb!!!! Last week I only went to spin 2 times and didn't get to the gym any other days because I was feeling crummy. This week I'm back on track - I went to spin Tuesday and last night and am signed up for tonight. Tonight I am also intending on trying an abs class. Linde goes to it and she said it kills, so that might be just what I need!

If you'd like to join in on Weight Loss Wednesday, you are more than welcome to, no matter how much you need to lose! Pop over to Jennifer's blog to sign up!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

cables, hot pads and swaps

I decided that 2010 is the year I will just be getting over certain "stuff", big and small. One of the things is my intimidation of certain knitting stitches. I have tried a few things in the past, but since I learned to knit from a book, some things just don't make sense until I've looked at it, or watched someone else do it. I finally worked up the patience to tackle cables. Yes, yes....everyone says how easy they are.....I'm not sure I completely agree yet. I still don't understand which way (CF or CB) makes the direction of the cable - so I did have to take my stitches out a couple times, and loosen up my tension a teensy bit so that when I was crossing the stitches it wasn't just slipping right off the needle. So - ta-da! Here are the first two specimens I've created with cables - cute little owls. I think I will turn them into pins. The edges curled up quite a bit so I ironed them and then sewed some felt onto the back. I found the pattern here.
Previously in my kitchen I have had pot holders all made by my Mom. And I've loved them! But, today I can say that I've made my very own pot holder for my kitchen!!!! I have to admit it came out a little wonky - the edges a little rippled. But, I love them! I found the idea here. Mom gave me the fabric a while ago and has been in my stash. The backing is Holly Hobbie!!!!! Oh how I love it so! Seriously I've been racking my brain trying to think of some reason to use that fabric! I still have TON left so I will have to come up with something else as well.
In swapping news, I sent out three packages yesterday. All of them for vintage FQ sheet swaps. One of them is being hosted by Jennifer at Rosey Little Things, the other is on Swap-bot.
I have to say something, and I was really trying not to be a brat about something, but frankly I just can't help it. So, I've been doing a few swaps, not a ton. The things I sent out I try to make something I would in turn want to receive. On the other hand, I'm wondering what some people think when they send stuff out??? I received a package yesterday and I was so excited. I opened it, and first of all the item was stained, there were yellow blotches. I was hoping it wasn't some sort of bodily fluid! And it was dirty. Like dirt dirty. I didn't wipe it because I was unsure what it could have on it. So sad.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - snack ideas

Oh man, can I please tell you that I almost forgot to post this Weight Loss Wednesday??! All morning I thought it was the 4th, and then all afternoon I was it hit me right after spin class tonight that it's WEDNESDAY! and I get to share that I lost another pound! It hit me also today that with that pound lost I have officially lost 25lbs (!) since I started to try and lose weight in October. Ya-frickin-hooooooo! I do still have a looooong way to go, but I'm happy to be that far in my journey. It's funny because I think that in the past I have gotten to this point where I'm seeing some progress but I have gotten frustrated by the amount I have to lose and give up. This time though, I have a distinct goal - so many cute dresses I want to wear! (And yes, Kristin, I know that technically I could wear them now - but it wouldn't look cute right now)
My friend Brooke noticed today that I had lost weight, I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. That was nice to have someone else notice also. All the ladies I work with are super supportive, they always have something encouraging to say as well. And, it's nice to know that in the blog community there are others working towards goals alongside me :)
Jennifer was saying in her post that she was looking for some low-cal snacks. I am a huge fan of the 94% fat free microwave popcorn. I also enjoy the 100 calorie snacks that are pre-packaged - I usually get something cookie-ish because I have a sweet tooth! I also like to get sugar free jello and make a big batch and then pour them into the 1 or 2 cup sized gladware containers as I'm making them. One regular size package I think is 40 calories for the entire box, so when you divide it up as you're making it then each 1 cup thing is only 10 calories! And it's fat free. That's like nothing practically. What else I like to do (and this could be something everyone in the entire world knows but I didn't until last year when I saw my friend Sherry, who used the most fit person ever do it)......big breath for that run on sentence! Okay - when I buy celery I immediately clean it up, chop it up and put it in a tupperware in water. Then, I can just grab it and eat it conveniently! I was surprised exactly how much I really do like celery! Sometimes I'll dip it in a little fat free italian dressing ( I hate ranch) and that gives a little zing.