Monday, June 30, 2014

beef, it's what's for dinner

Yeah, yeah...two posts in one day.  But seriously!  I grilled steak!  By myself!  I haven't tried it yet, it's "resting" but it sure is pretty :)

goodies from Mom

I'm home for lunch as I am most days....and there was suddenly a knock on the door!  The mailman handed me the most delightful package from my Mom!!!!!  I love getting anything in the mail with her handwriting :) Just makes me happy.  And then of course are all these goodies inside-

I'm glad I took a later lunch today!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

longest sock in the world.

Let's talk about socks.  Last year I decided I was just going to learn how to knit socks.  I knit my first pair and was so excited, bought a bunch of sock yarn and started right in on another pair!  Somewhere along the way hit a little wall.  Ummm, I started this sock in October (!) and finished it Thursday night.  In my defense, there were some holidays in there.....ugggggg, it's useless - I got distracted!   That's why I'm calling these the longest socks in the world because it's taking me for-ever!

Isn't it pretty, though?  It's a bit bigger than my foot as it is a gift.  I may have to re-do the bind off because it is verrrrry hard to get around the heel.  I did an extra stretchy bind off but I tend to tug my yarn after a stitch to tighten it which is from making bunnies and softies.  You don't want the stuffing to show through. 

Well, I was encouraged that I finished one sock and dove right into the second one.  This is what I have so far.  It's weird, I did the same toe up cast on and same amount of stitches on the toe but this one has a different shape?  IDK but I'm just going with it :)  I did also add 2 stitches hoping that because I think I must've done that on the first one to get the pattern right around the ankle/leg part once the pattern goes all the way around.  On the foot part I only do the pattern stitch on one side.
 I caught Joey snoozing so deeply yesterday.  He snores so it's extra cute.
 Okay, so today I made an apron out of a t-shirt.  My friend Brooke asked me to make it for her out of one of her Mom's t-shirt.  Her Mom, Kathy, passed away a few years ago so I was SUPER nervous to cut into the shirt!!!!  Oh man.  My initial thought was to do a rounded apron with the polka dot fabric in a ruffle around it.  But, I have a thing with exposed seam so I nixed that.  I mean, I did line the back so the knit fabric wouldn't roll in on itself so I could have done the ruffle around in there but then I thought it might get too heavy because it's actually really thick knit fabric.  Anyhow!  I did a quick google search to see what other peeps have done and this one seemed easy and accommodating to what I wanted.
 So this is what I came up with.  I folded up the bottom of the shirt and to cover the seam on the other side I sewed on a thin grosgrain ribbon over top.  Then, just did a simple lining of the red polka dot, turned it inside out.  The seam at the top is where I left the opening to turn it, which I covered up with the tie!  Easy peasy.

It was a gorgeous day today, and even though I was inside sewing I had the windows and door open and listened to Hunger Games on CD.  V.nice.
I had to share this picture of George, she has half her rump on the computer and I love how her belly fur is all tufted out!  She's such a turkey!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

sticky tags

I bought this jar today to make sun tea.  I had a bit of an inside joke with myself because as I was washing it before filling it with the water to make tea I wiped over the sticky tag at the bottom (the upc).  Why I was laughing at myself is because I have a tendency to leave tags on things after I buy them.  Obvious tags.  And it used to drive Scott crazy!  Like cuckoo crazy.  He'd come across something with the tag on it and he'd say "why don't you remove this?!"  and I'd shrug and move on, still not removing the tag.  And he didn't then either.  So, it became a thing.  He'd come across one and I'd hear "grrrrrr!".  And I'd just smile.  It was just one of those things.  I actually took the sticky tag off this jar.  Would it make him crazy to know that I waited until he was gone to start removing tags?  I don't know, maybe :)  And for some reason that made me smile today.  And feel a bit like a turkey bird.  Eh.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

striped bunny finish! finally

And here we are at Sunday....lazy Sunday :)
This would be George lounging on the chair arm with her arm hanging like a jungle cat in a tree.  Love her!  She's got such an attitude!  Pardon George. 

Today I finally, finally finished the striped bunny that I've been working on for ages!  Good lord this took forever!  Not because it was hard to knit or even very big, but mostly total lack of motivation!  But!  It is done.  I had written down my notes from the ballerina bunny that I improvised the body on and then took it one step further and made the head in the round also.  I'm pretty happy with the way this little guy turned out.  I had been shooting for gender neutral but now that it's done I feel it's distinctly male - yes?  eh.

The only gripe I have with the finished product is the color changes on the right arm.  In the photo above it would be the left side of the photo.  I don't think it's super, super obvious but I see it.  Also, a small thing is that the rotation of the body is just off a bit.  Without seeing it in person it's hard to tell what I mean.  Um, it's like the body wants to rotate a bit, like turn.  I think that must have been from the placement of my needles and the way the decreases went along the top/neckline?  idk.  It's minor.  I'm really glad I tried out the head on double points.   love the look of no seams.

Okay, so I know I said I was going to cut back on looking at things/watching things.  BUT!  I came across a new to me video podcast that I lurve!  It's called Bakery Bears.  Seriously. Love.  It's a husband and wife who both knit and they are British - say no more, right?  I mean, you all know about my serious crush on the UK.  Everything just seems cooler over there and it's not just the accent.  I mean that helps, obviously but really, they're just witty and funny and they knit so it's awesome.  Check it.

I may or may not do some sewing today.  I have over-extended myself a bit and so therefore don't want to do anything!  Uggg.  I may force myself to work on one bonus incentive is that I got Hunger Games on CD and it's out in the craft house!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday morning.  I woke up about 3 or so and realized I didn't need to be to work until 8:30 so could still sleep!  Couldn't quite get back to sleep so about 6:30 decided to just get up.  I put on a knitting podcast and finished up the head of the bunny I've been working on for-ever!  I think I mentioned that the pattern is written to knit on two needles flat and then seam along the bottom and I decided to wing it and knit in the round.  So, once I got down to 12 stitches across 3 needles I added the eyes and stuffing.
 Then added an extra decrease so there wouldn't be a gap at the front.  Added more stuffing.
 Before closing up the hole I threaded a large eye needle and went back and forth behind the eyes and pulled tight to create little indents.  You can see the ears in the backround ready to be sewn on.
 My row counter that came as a gift with my favorite knitting magazine a few years ago pooped out a couple weeks ago.  I was super bummed because it's a cute owl shape.  I thought maybe I could find another cute shaped one online - but NO!  This is the cutest one I could find, if you look close there's a little smile under the numbers.  Riddle me this, though!  I bought it from ebay for $1.58 - free shipping! from CHINA!  How is that even possible?  Shipping a package anywhere is more than $1.58 let alone the price of the product.  Ca-ray-zay!  But, I got it in the mail in a fair time frame and it did indeed come from China.  I can't wait to try it out.

 I worked this morning and so did Jan so afterwards we got together for our bi-weekly manicures that we do ourselves.  I didn't do that great this time.  I cut my ring finger nails tooooo short so they look weird to me and then my polish was just all over the place and ugggg.  It's still pretty though - and I do love me some glitter!
Most days lately I don't cry.  I feel like my chest is sunken and I still miss Scott like crazy.  Last weekend there was some drama and I cried a TON on Sunday.  But, this week, processing the events, I think it will be okay.  Last night I went to a Christian concert at a new coffeehouse that just opened.  I debated about going because sometimes going alone to things just sound dumb.  But, staying home felt dumb too.  So I went for a bit.  The group I saw I knew the singer and the drummer.  Surreal though because back in the day it would have been Scott drumming that I would be watching, supporting.  Scott was a very distinctive, intuitive drummer.  There was one song last night that almost sounded like it could be him drumming and it took the wind out of me!  I could hear the way he'd drum to that song, there were parts that it could have been him but of course wasn't.

Friday, June 20, 2014

less looking more doing

So I feel like I read all these blogs, pinterest, websites, watch podcasts, magazines and look at facebook and on and on.  But I'm not spending enough time doing things!  On bloglovin I look through the blogs that I follow, and then there's this little time-suck that is the popular blog roll, I pick DIY and then look through random blogs.  Lately I'm drawn to sewing blogs as in garment sewing.  And I think, oooo that's cute, I could make something like that, ooo I like that style I should do that.  There's tons of reviews of indie pattern makers and I think I should buy that and support them.  But I snap out of it when it's a pdf - I can't stand paying for a download especially if I then have to puzzle piece a pattern.  It just feels too tedious!  I'm left doing NOTHING.  I just look and look, get inspiration - to do nothing.  Uggg.

I've been going to this couch to 5K thing, which has been a serious of lectures to stay motivated and what-not.  At this last one they suggested doing a 30 day challenge.  It was in the context of fitness or healthy eating but I think I'm also going to use it for other things.  Starting this Sunday (I have to work tomorrow) I am going to make myself do some kind of making.  Be it sewing, knitting, or even that art project I've neglected.  I'm not going to go all hard-core and say every single day do something because that is setting myself up for pure failure.  But.  I am going to say on the weekends something must be done other than just oogling.

Those cute dresses that I keep seeing and wishing were already in my closet?  Well I have a million patterns so I am going to find fabric I like and get started!  So, I've had this catalog that I've marked like at least 5-6 pages of dresses that I love!  I'm going to take it with me to Joann's, where there's a pattern sale right now, and see if I can find similar patterns. :)

Also, in other news: I bought a big ol chair for my living room!  Again from the local yard sale page!  So, it's used but new to me.  It's in great shape and super comfy and I paid $40 for it, which I feel is a good deal.  The boys sniffed it up and down and all around when I got it home last night!  And this morning George was asleep on one of the arms.  It's a nice neutral but if I can find a pink cover for it that would be perfect.  More "me".  Ummm, don't mind my sheet covered couch there - the dogs don't understand that they don't belong on the couch so it is continually covered.  Unless someone is coming over then I lint roller the bejeezus out of it and hope people aren't covered in fur when they leave!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easing into reading again

So since becoming a widow I haven't really been able to read much.  Staying focused is pretty tough - I use all my focusing energy at work!  A couple years before he died I started a journal of books I had read for the year with a little synopsis and review of that book along with the dates I read it.  Since I also like to listen to books on tape/CD I also added those in.  In 2012 I read/listened to 17 books.  One of my resolutions for 2013 was to try and read at least 2 a month.  I got off to a good start, from January to the end of March I read/listened to 9 books! Then, kablamo!  And reading went out the window.

I know I read one book, Divergent - but also memory is not as great still so I don't remember if I read it in 2013 or the beginning of 2014?  Anyways, I did continue listening to books while I sew.  And I did download a book onto my ipod so listened to City of Bones in the car.

Two things have become a recurrent thought - it's almost Summer and I need to try and read again.  For me, Summer always meant reading growing up.  School was out and I could spend all night if I wanted just reading and pretty much that's what I did alllll Summer break!  In the real world of having a job that I need to be at at 8am and awake I just can't justify that anymore lol!  I'm still not focused, but I'm going to ease back in.

I did start reading the Hobbit on 4-2-14 and I'm about 1/2way though.  See what I mean about easing?  lol  Seriously though I've had to make myself take time to read even just 1/2 a page sometimes.  One thing I will be eternally grateful to Scott is introducing me to books on tape!  He always had one going, or old time radio, or Lake Wobegon Days.  He loved stories or those old shows from before there was tv.  And I got so used to hearing it in the backround, too, that I picked it up as well.  I never thought I'd actually retain what I'd hear but I actually have.

So, new, slow-reading me goal is to read - actually read 4 books this year and as many books on tape as I can.  I feel like this is an attainable goal.  I did just receive a book in the mail I ordered from Amazon and was kind of excited to start it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

my Rocky dog

 I got Rocky a new tennis ball - big news around my house.  This is a squeak tennis ball so it's extra special :)  He loves anything with a squeak!  I got some good shots of him enjoying his newfound joy.  So funny, he's been running around with it in his mouth and then if Joey is anywhere near he growls at him like "don't even think about it!"
He didn't really appreciate me taking his picture so he kept avoiding me, jumped on the couch, then the ball fell down and it was game on again!
 Here's a good action shot of him getting it!  Best part is by now on any other toy he would have killed the squeak and it's still alive.
Love my 11 year + puppy dog :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

stuff and things

Update on knitting - I am done with the striped bunny body and started the head.  I'm really pleased with the decreases along the neckline.  I think I got the directions of the decreases right and they are not super obvious.
Okay, so a bit about the head.  I decided to modify the pattern, which is knit on two needles, to 4 needles in the round.  In theory a good idea because knitting flat there are a TON of increases all at once and it get tricky and hurt my hand a bit.  But, I didn't quite think it through because I realized yesterday - how will I stuff it?  LOL I think it will just be like regular crochet amigurumi where you stuff the dickens out of it then finish knitting around it and pull it super tight.  The increases have not been as painful in the round so that's a plus.

This picture is for my Mom in case she reads the blog.  Jan and I did our nails last night and this is what I came up with!  I super duper love it!  The two glitter nails are really really glittery!  There are pieces of bigger chunkier glitter, it's fun!  I popped into Sally Beauty Supply on Friday after work and they had buy one get one free of the Gelish brand polish!  So, since it also happened to be payday I treated myself to 6 new colors!  Which is really just like paying for 3 ;) I had planned to buy 2 so I didn't overindulge too much.  I love this picture with my boys in the backround!  They are such stinkers :)

Let's see, not much new going on.  Later today I'm going to meet my friends Brooke and Jan at the park to catch up with Brooke who's in town this weekend.  Jan is having her annual yard sale next weekend so I need to weed out some junk to unload there.  Baha!  

Oh I almost forgot!  The armoire!  I have decided for now not to paint it.  I did, however, move it.  That thing is heavy!!!  It took forever to hork it over to the other side of the living room!  It's next to the book case because I ran out of steam.  The book case has to be taken apart to move on carpet.  But!  I think it looks cute and homey with the quilt draped on the side.  I think after I move the bookcase I'd like to get a quilt rack or an old wooden ladder? to display a couple of my quilts.  I also picked up those baskets for like 70% off at Michaels!  One was originally $24.99 and I got it for $9.99.  My Mom is gasping right now because she's like I could have gotten it at a yard sale for $1!!!!!  LOL   
 So, the little half circle thing at the top is a work in progress.  I just pinned some fabric around it so see what it would look like before committing to cutting the fabric.  That particular fabric I bought when Scott and I had our very first house together in Tennessee and I bought it there.  I loved it then and I still do!  I made placemats with white fabric as the backing and sewed pink ribbon around the rectangles.  So!  It's good memory fabric for me and I don't want to just cut up the little I have left if I don't like how it will turn out, you know?  

Oh, don't mind the stuffins off to the side, it's just hanging out waiting for the yard sale.