Saturday, June 28, 2014

sticky tags

I bought this jar today to make sun tea.  I had a bit of an inside joke with myself because as I was washing it before filling it with the water to make tea I wiped over the sticky tag at the bottom (the upc).  Why I was laughing at myself is because I have a tendency to leave tags on things after I buy them.  Obvious tags.  And it used to drive Scott crazy!  Like cuckoo crazy.  He'd come across something with the tag on it and he'd say "why don't you remove this?!"  and I'd shrug and move on, still not removing the tag.  And he didn't then either.  So, it became a thing.  He'd come across one and I'd hear "grrrrrr!".  And I'd just smile.  It was just one of those things.  I actually took the sticky tag off this jar.  Would it make him crazy to know that I waited until he was gone to start removing tags?  I don't know, maybe :)  And for some reason that made me smile today.  And feel a bit like a turkey bird.  Eh.

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