Sunday, June 8, 2014

stuff and things

Update on knitting - I am done with the striped bunny body and started the head.  I'm really pleased with the decreases along the neckline.  I think I got the directions of the decreases right and they are not super obvious.
Okay, so a bit about the head.  I decided to modify the pattern, which is knit on two needles, to 4 needles in the round.  In theory a good idea because knitting flat there are a TON of increases all at once and it get tricky and hurt my hand a bit.  But, I didn't quite think it through because I realized yesterday - how will I stuff it?  LOL I think it will just be like regular crochet amigurumi where you stuff the dickens out of it then finish knitting around it and pull it super tight.  The increases have not been as painful in the round so that's a plus.

This picture is for my Mom in case she reads the blog.  Jan and I did our nails last night and this is what I came up with!  I super duper love it!  The two glitter nails are really really glittery!  There are pieces of bigger chunkier glitter, it's fun!  I popped into Sally Beauty Supply on Friday after work and they had buy one get one free of the Gelish brand polish!  So, since it also happened to be payday I treated myself to 6 new colors!  Which is really just like paying for 3 ;) I had planned to buy 2 so I didn't overindulge too much.  I love this picture with my boys in the backround!  They are such stinkers :)

Let's see, not much new going on.  Later today I'm going to meet my friends Brooke and Jan at the park to catch up with Brooke who's in town this weekend.  Jan is having her annual yard sale next weekend so I need to weed out some junk to unload there.  Baha!  

Oh I almost forgot!  The armoire!  I have decided for now not to paint it.  I did, however, move it.  That thing is heavy!!!  It took forever to hork it over to the other side of the living room!  It's next to the book case because I ran out of steam.  The book case has to be taken apart to move on carpet.  But!  I think it looks cute and homey with the quilt draped on the side.  I think after I move the bookcase I'd like to get a quilt rack or an old wooden ladder? to display a couple of my quilts.  I also picked up those baskets for like 70% off at Michaels!  One was originally $24.99 and I got it for $9.99.  My Mom is gasping right now because she's like I could have gotten it at a yard sale for $1!!!!!  LOL   
 So, the little half circle thing at the top is a work in progress.  I just pinned some fabric around it so see what it would look like before committing to cutting the fabric.  That particular fabric I bought when Scott and I had our very first house together in Tennessee and I bought it there.  I loved it then and I still do!  I made placemats with white fabric as the backing and sewed pink ribbon around the rectangles.  So!  It's good memory fabric for me and I don't want to just cut up the little I have left if I don't like how it will turn out, you know?  

Oh, don't mind the stuffins off to the side, it's just hanging out waiting for the yard sale.

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