Friday, June 20, 2014

less looking more doing

So I feel like I read all these blogs, pinterest, websites, watch podcasts, magazines and look at facebook and on and on.  But I'm not spending enough time doing things!  On bloglovin I look through the blogs that I follow, and then there's this little time-suck that is the popular blog roll, I pick DIY and then look through random blogs.  Lately I'm drawn to sewing blogs as in garment sewing.  And I think, oooo that's cute, I could make something like that, ooo I like that style I should do that.  There's tons of reviews of indie pattern makers and I think I should buy that and support them.  But I snap out of it when it's a pdf - I can't stand paying for a download especially if I then have to puzzle piece a pattern.  It just feels too tedious!  I'm left doing NOTHING.  I just look and look, get inspiration - to do nothing.  Uggg.

I've been going to this couch to 5K thing, which has been a serious of lectures to stay motivated and what-not.  At this last one they suggested doing a 30 day challenge.  It was in the context of fitness or healthy eating but I think I'm also going to use it for other things.  Starting this Sunday (I have to work tomorrow) I am going to make myself do some kind of making.  Be it sewing, knitting, or even that art project I've neglected.  I'm not going to go all hard-core and say every single day do something because that is setting myself up for pure failure.  But.  I am going to say on the weekends something must be done other than just oogling.

Those cute dresses that I keep seeing and wishing were already in my closet?  Well I have a million patterns so I am going to find fabric I like and get started!  So, I've had this catalog that I've marked like at least 5-6 pages of dresses that I love!  I'm going to take it with me to Joann's, where there's a pattern sale right now, and see if I can find similar patterns. :)

Also, in other news: I bought a big ol chair for my living room!  Again from the local yard sale page!  So, it's used but new to me.  It's in great shape and super comfy and I paid $40 for it, which I feel is a good deal.  The boys sniffed it up and down and all around when I got it home last night!  And this morning George was asleep on one of the arms.  It's a nice neutral but if I can find a pink cover for it that would be perfect.  More "me".  Ummm, don't mind my sheet covered couch there - the dogs don't understand that they don't belong on the couch so it is continually covered.  Unless someone is coming over then I lint roller the bejeezus out of it and hope people aren't covered in fur when they leave!

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