Sunday, June 29, 2014

longest sock in the world.

Let's talk about socks.  Last year I decided I was just going to learn how to knit socks.  I knit my first pair and was so excited, bought a bunch of sock yarn and started right in on another pair!  Somewhere along the way hit a little wall.  Ummm, I started this sock in October (!) and finished it Thursday night.  In my defense, there were some holidays in there.....ugggggg, it's useless - I got distracted!   That's why I'm calling these the longest socks in the world because it's taking me for-ever!

Isn't it pretty, though?  It's a bit bigger than my foot as it is a gift.  I may have to re-do the bind off because it is verrrrry hard to get around the heel.  I did an extra stretchy bind off but I tend to tug my yarn after a stitch to tighten it which is from making bunnies and softies.  You don't want the stuffing to show through. 

Well, I was encouraged that I finished one sock and dove right into the second one.  This is what I have so far.  It's weird, I did the same toe up cast on and same amount of stitches on the toe but this one has a different shape?  IDK but I'm just going with it :)  I did also add 2 stitches hoping that because I think I must've done that on the first one to get the pattern right around the ankle/leg part once the pattern goes all the way around.  On the foot part I only do the pattern stitch on one side.
 I caught Joey snoozing so deeply yesterday.  He snores so it's extra cute.
 Okay, so today I made an apron out of a t-shirt.  My friend Brooke asked me to make it for her out of one of her Mom's t-shirt.  Her Mom, Kathy, passed away a few years ago so I was SUPER nervous to cut into the shirt!!!!  Oh man.  My initial thought was to do a rounded apron with the polka dot fabric in a ruffle around it.  But, I have a thing with exposed seam so I nixed that.  I mean, I did line the back so the knit fabric wouldn't roll in on itself so I could have done the ruffle around in there but then I thought it might get too heavy because it's actually really thick knit fabric.  Anyhow!  I did a quick google search to see what other peeps have done and this one seemed easy and accommodating to what I wanted.
 So this is what I came up with.  I folded up the bottom of the shirt and to cover the seam on the other side I sewed on a thin grosgrain ribbon over top.  Then, just did a simple lining of the red polka dot, turned it inside out.  The seam at the top is where I left the opening to turn it, which I covered up with the tie!  Easy peasy.

It was a gorgeous day today, and even though I was inside sewing I had the windows and door open and listened to Hunger Games on CD.  V.nice.
I had to share this picture of George, she has half her rump on the computer and I love how her belly fur is all tufted out!  She's such a turkey!

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