Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no me gusta

I don't like it when ppl don't know things and get upset when I do. I'll just leave it at that.

The highlight of today, besides my morning bible study - I made some progress on the steering wheel cover I'm working on! That is good, I should be done in a couple of days!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nothing special

Peppermint coffee is finally here! Oh man, I wait all year for this! And there is was in the Wallyworld coffee bean section....I think I may stock up this year!!!!!
Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. I will be working at a medical clinic here in town. I feel like I've lost a friend leaving the hospital. I really liked working with the hospital, and proud. I think that I am following what God wants me to do, so we'll see what's in store! Hopefully it will be awesome. One thing that might be cool is that some days are a later start than what I had before so I can get some housework done before work when I have more energy.
I re-started by steering wheel cover that I had started to knit. And the reason is that I was trying a pattern stitch out of a book and I think I just didn't get it. There were a certain number of stitches and so I figured it would work, but once I started it it seemed like maybe I needed to be doing something really wide -which I'm not. Like one row would end with 10 stitches and then the pattern row would have like 13. I'm thinking I just didn't do it right. So, I'm just going to stick with what I know which is just stockinette. It will look nice because the yarn is a variegated cotton, and it will work up faster!
Oh man! I almost totally forgot! I went to see High School Musical 3 last night with Jan and Mya (her 7 year old daughter we let tag along with us LOL) and I loved it! I am a ginormous dork when it comes to juvenile films - I think I'm still stuck in junior high in that regard! There were a couple of teeny little spots that I think were a little annoying just due to editing. One was a dance scene in a junk yard - the guys got there in the afternoon but suddenly once they started dancing it was black night out. What is that? But, loved, loved the dancing and singing! I think Sharpay is my favorite just because of her shameless craving the spotlight! And frankly I think she's one of the best dancers and singers. Her brother cracks me up too, but I'm wondering if he might be the ambiguous token gay character? I mean he wears hot pink pants and dances in a chorus line with chicks....that's all I'm saying. I thought the dancing scene with the prom theme was hilarious with the guys like dreading prom and the girls saying they've been waiting forever for it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swap Q&A

Below you will see a list of get to know you questions. Please cut and paste these and use them on your blog so you and your partner can get to know each other better. Feel free to add photos if you have them.
1. What is your favorite Christmas decoration?

My favorite decorations are my lighted houses. I love to put out batting to look like snow on top of the piano and put out the light-up houses. I like to turn them on when I get home from work and leave them on until bedtime. My favorite ornament (I love them all!) is my blown glass pickle. I found it in Tennessee when we lived there and I have cherished it.

2. What colors/themes do you decorate for Christmas?

I think I am more traditional in colors and themes. I do have a few ballerinas and fairies that I sneak onto the tree. I like to put pine boughs all over and wreaths and lots of candles in red and green.

3. What Christmas item would you love to have?

I would love a Lemax lighted house, but alas they are sorta spendy! I love nativity scenes that are not cheesy - you know when the faces are not painted very well. I like Jim Shore figurines also. I like handmade things - like ornaments, advent calendars, or silly santas, stuffed snowmen or moose. Or a pretty bracelet or necklace or brooch???

4. Favorite goodie & hot drink?

I love spice cookies! I love to make them around the holidays, kind of gingerbready cookies. I'm not much for fudge or shortbread. Love pepperminty things. I am just dying for the peppermint coffee to come around!!!! I also love spiced cider. YUM

5. Are you a crafter? If so what crafts do you do?

Oh man am I ever! I love to scrapbook, make cards, knit, and sew.

6. What is your favorite pink item in your home?

My very very favorite is actually not even up anywhere....it's a postcard that I've been waiting to frame of the "Rose Fairy" by Cecily Mary Barker. Those are the type of fairies (the flower fairies) that I ADORE and have since I was a toddler! I also love the fuschia hat that I knitted myself last winter, it's very soft and fuzzy.

7. What do you collect?

I collect candle holders with nubs on the bottom. They look so pretty in a candle stick. I am looking for orange ones. I have also been collecting Holly Hobby, vintage beads, fabric, yummy yarn. Vintage embroidered pillow cases, kings crown ruby flashed thumbprint glassware, or any pretty variation of the kings crown thumbprint glassware.

8. Do you have special family traditions for the holidays?

We used to....but not the last few years. We used to pick names at Thanksgiving when we would go to hubby's Maternal side of the family. That was always fun. Growing up my Grandma always mailed my brother and I an advent calendar that was super glittery and we'd take turns opening each day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Favorites

Here is something to cheer me up :)
Borrowed this from a friend's blog & thought it was fun!
Tell me what you like about fall! Leave your answers in my comments or on your blog!

F (Your favorite food)
A (Favorite fall activity)
L (Favorite fall liquid drink)
L (what you look forward to when fall comes)

Here are my answers:

F: My favorite foods are pumpkin bread, turkey, green bean casserole and SQUASH!
A: My favorite fall activity is setting up fall decorations and getting pumpkins
L: My favorite drink would HAVE to be spiced apple cider! I like the mulling spices that you simmer in apple juice
L: I look forward to the changing of the leaves and pumpkins!

A little teary

How do I hate hormones, let me count the ways....I am so teary today and I can't even stand it. I am so sad and melancholy but also so excited I can barely stand it. How does all of this exist in my body together??? So, one of my favorite patients came in today to get her records and that was it, I just started crying. After she left of course. But all these patients have relied and trusted the doctor I have worked with and now she's leaving. And they are scared and angry and understanding and need care. The nearest doctor of the same specialty is now 70 miles away over a mountain pass that is terrible during winter and some of these patients don't or can't drive. It breaks my heart to hear over and over again "what do I do now?" I pray that the Lord will send a new doctor quickly and that in the meantime these patients will get the care they need so urgently. I know that He is faithful.
What I am so excited about I can barely stand it is the scrapbooking retreat this weekend! I am in need of some chick time if you know what I mean! My BFF Jan will be there, we have only had lunch twice this week.....bah! after working side by side for the past 5 years we're having a little bit of withdrawals. And a lot of other fun ladies who are so creative and inspiring. And all scrapbooking all day and all night if we want. We just set up tomorrow afternoon and leave everything out and scrap in our pj's if we want to. It's at a campground with cabins and we will be in the big main hall. There are cooks all weekend that make all the meals for us and clean up, so it's a little bit spoiling! I hope I get LOTS done!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bible cruncher

Okay, so I know I already did a post today, but I am cracking up about something and wanted to share!
Yesterday I was called a "bible cruncher"! Now I have been called a "bible thumper" and "holy roller" and a few other names that I think are kind of funny even though I'm sure the person calling the name meant it negatively. But "bible cruncher"? Now that's comedy! I guess out of all the things one could crunch for sustenance, the bible is definitely the best! LOL :)

Christmas Swap

So, I am going to participate in my very first ever swap! My friend Jennifer is hosting it, it is a Vintage Pink Christmas swap and sounds like it should be fun! I have to admit I'm a teensy bit nervous too. I hope I will be able to pick something out that my partner will like! Today is the last day to sign up if you're interested!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Okay, so this past weekend I went to visit my Mom and it was very cool. We had a great visit and also found some great sales! We of course started out Saturday with a couple of thrift stores. I always love to poke around in the Discovery Shop, it's downtown and a really teeny little place. It was chock full of customers!!! Nothing too exciting there but I did find a cute blue sweater - the brand is Koret. I was cracking up when I pulled it off the rack because I am always attracted to an "older" style of clothing and I could just hear my friend Jan telling me to put it back! But since she was not around to chastise me I bought it and I love it :) Okay, so then we went to the GIANT thrift store that is also a tad scary. It's in an old grocery store, so it is really huge, and was also full of customers! I thought I had found the mother lode of cute pants, all in my size and Liz Claiborne and like new. I guess it's actually a good thing, they were too big! I did find a full sized sheet that is pink with a floral pattern on it that I am going to make pj's out of ala Jen. So that will be a fun project! Okay, so. Since there were a ton of ppl in there it was starting to freak me out a little so I needed to scootch outta there. I was in the long line and just looking around trying to focus on anything else but freaking out, and my eyes rested on - wait for it - a whole rack FULL of beads!!!! Okay, so I love beads. My love of beads really started with the Disney Cinderella where the fat mouse Gus Gus spies the beads and just knows they will be the perfect thing to set off the dress! And then he tries and tries to get his treasured find back to the room... ah, just love that. Anyways, I didn't want to get out of line because it was huge but also could not pass up the beads. My Mom was one lady behind me so she offered to save my spot. I picked out 4 strands of different fabulous beads. I will try and post a pic later.

We then trekked to the "Sally" across town. I found a cloche with a hideous flower under the glass and I snapped it right up. I thought it could possibly have some potential. I was thinking about the post that I had just read on Friday from Shara about the cloche that she had found. But, the thing is, the price was just too high for me. And, when it came right down to it I really would have no use for it. I try to keep things in perspective when I'm thrifting because I don't want to end up with piles of junk that I don't use because it "could" have potential. I know, I know - that's no fun. But it keeps me a little sane. A little. I also put back a Holly Hobbie canister for the same reason - what in the world would I do with it and where in the world would I put it??? Although I may kick myself later because I truly do love Holly Hobbie. I have a couple of plates and a few chotchkes (sp?) of Holly Hobbie.

After that I think we went to a parking lot sale that was a stinker! And on we went to the mall. What a wonderful thing. We don't have a mall per se in the town I live in. We have Gottshalks, Ross, Fred Meyer and Walmart. And a few other little shops, but really it's like nada. Which is kind of good for the pocketbook, but not good if you need new clothes. JC Penney and Sears were having a super fabulous sales! All clearance was like 75% off! I found a ton of cute stuff that will be good to layer for Fall and Winter! Whew - what a relief. On the way out of town I always like to stop at this one Safeway because they have good sandwiches and local goods. Finally the pickles I love love love were available. They are called Dave's Dazzling Dills, grown locally and they are superb. Very potent and spicy! Last year there were none to be had because the cucumber crop was a bummer, so I was waiting and waiting this year. And, I always pick up some Maisie Jane almonds for Jan because she does atkins and that's a good snack for her. Plus they are so yummy :)
So, sorry this is such a rambling post! I guess I felt like writing a little?

Friday, October 10, 2008

FYI - that's snow!

Yesterday I was talking to hubby and he said "It's snowing!" and it was just little flurries. But still. Even flurries I don't want - it's not even the middle of October yet! It was absolutely freeezing last night, and this morning when I woke up - that's what I saw on the surrounding hills, snow. The picture was taken at the bottom of the driveway of the mountain which looks like it got a bunch of snow. A couple days ago it was clear, no white stuff at all! ewww.
I am going to visit my mom this weekend. I am in need of retail therapy. This has kind of been a stressful week with not knowing what's going on employment-wise. Our office met with our director today and it sounds like I will still be working until the end of October. So that's good! I'm hoping that something else will come up in the meantime.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So I finished the dress I mentioned in the earlier post. The thing is, when sewing, sometimes what I picture in my mind is NOT what ends up in the finished product. That is precisely what happened with this dress. I'll tell you what I had pictured: a beautiful brownish/plumish dress that would look super trendy and tres fabulous on me possibly with boots and a wide belt. What happened was more like a moo-moo. As in I look like a cow in it, mu mu. So, trying to stay positive I put on the wide belt and it kinda looks halfway decent. I ask hubby and he halfheartedly says it looks good. He's being nice. I take off the belt and say, how about now? Immediately he says, it looks like a mu mu. Harumpf. Not sure if I am brave enough to sport the dress out in public - but I might wear it tomorrow to work because I KNOW Jan will let me know how it looks. I can't let go of the dream I guess :)
In other news, I have an interview this afternoon at 3. I had a good feeling about it, so I'm hoping it will pan out. If not, I know that God has a plan for me so I'm staying focused on that and trying not to worry.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodwill Goodies

The hunt is over! Last week, Thursday I went into Goodwill and what did I see??? My first fabulous find I didn't get a picture - but - it is one of those resin geese that you can dress up and either put on your porch or wherever. My friend Jan has been wanting one for-ever, and I kinda wanted one too. So, I snatched it up and put it on her desk Friday morning! She was so excited! Love it.

When I go into a thrift store or whatnot I like to kind of gaze the horizon of shelves to see if something immediately catches my eye. So, first was the goose, the second was the scale that I had been so diligently looking for!!!!! Ya-hoo! Now, all my bead type necklaces are not clogging up my jewelry box any longer! So excited! I know I looked kinda goofy walking around carrying a goose and a scale but oh well.
In other news, I am no longer without a vacuum cleaner!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you - depression is not having a vacuum and having 4 large dogs. I would sweep every single day and in 5 minutes there would be tons of hair again. Argh! But, I threw a teensy little fit on Saturday and voila! Hubby got a vacuum. And all is well again :)
I did make a purple corduroy skirt Saturday, you can see a sliver of it in the pic. I did take an actual picture of the whole thing, but it turned out looking like a giant purple blob. Coincidentally, I found the fabric at Goodwill a couple weeks ago! Gotta love it. I started a dress last night, I think it is going to turn out cute! I should finish it tonight after I vacuum again :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Praise God!

Yesterday as I was driving by Fred Meyer on my way to get dog food, I was a little worried about my job situation. I pulled up to the stop light and it's like someone hit me on the side of the head - Who Cares??? I'm going to spend eternity in heaven!!!! Wowza, how awesome is that??? I was filled with peace and also that giddy excitement before going on a really fun roller coaster!
Then, this morning I read this post from the Living Proof blog titled "There is a Rescuer" and was blown away! In a tragic, humbled, hope-filled way if that makes any sense. I wish I had half the guts Miss Amanda does to just say it! Without worry of offending anyone or repercussion! So, I guess my point is - yes, this is a difficult time but I was reminded that there is something better and more awesome coming!