Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today totally feels like a bonus day!  All week the forecast called for rain and snow showers this weekend, but when I woke up this morning (at 8:30 y'all!) it was nice and sunny!!!!  Yesssssss!  Still cold, but who cares?  The sun is out :)  So, I rode my bike to the library (44 degrees out) and it was glorious!  It's funny because I haven't ridden my bike for at least a year so the tires got flat, and I do have a pump with a few different ends for different types of things to fill with air.  I've tried several times to pump up the tires and gotten frustrated and given up.  Today I tried all of the different ends and then it was like a light went off!  No end necessary!  I'm not the most handy type person out there, but hey, I finally figured it out! 
Night before last I had a crazy urge to knit a monster.  I had no pattern, so yesterday I scouted one out on Ravelry it's in pink in the picture but I'm making mine green, hee hee.  Don't even ask why I felt the urgent need to knit a monster because I have no idea.  I don't have size 3 double pointed needles but did pick up a set of size 4 vintage plastic ones at the thrift a few months ago.  They are not entirely ideal as you can imagine plastic does bend a little bit.  Maybe it's better though because I can get my guage pretty tight and I'm not usually a tight knitter.  I started a stripey scarf about a month ago and will eventually finish that and put up some pics.
I bought the new Needtobreathe CD yesterday and I love it!  I was given a gift certificate to Evangel for my birthday and finally made it into the store while my clothes were at the laundromat.  So I have loved Needtobreathe for-ever!  I had their two previous CD's but like a ding dong let someone borrow them who lives in another state.  So, they have never been returned, bummer.  I was looking at the CD's and for some reason had a little hesitation since I haven't listened to them in like 2 years.  Luckily the store has one of those things you can scan the upc and it will play the cd for you and I was brought right back to loving them again!  Last night when I got home I put the cd in and knitted the behind of the monster with June laying next to me, it was coolio.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

untitled yet

Okay.  Quilting with two layers of batting - no me gusta.  I bought some Insul-bright yesterday to make some potholders with and on the directions for an oven mitt it said to layer batting with the insul-bright.  Dang, that's thick!  I made the one on the left first, and I like the way it turned out better than the one on the right.  The binding on the right sided one got away from me a bit in the yellow part.  I've had this gnome fabric in my stash for awhle waiting for the perfect project.  Lately, though, my thinking has been why am I waiting to use fabric???  I love it and so therefore wanted to use it in something I'll see it in often. 
gnome-y potholders
gnome-y potholder backs

Okay, and I didn't have a chance to post previously about my scripture memory verse for the 15th. 

The fear of the LORD leads to life;
then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
Proverbs 19:23 NIV

I came across this verse quite by accident.  I had been thinking I really needed to find my verse on the 15th.  There was another verse that popped out (probably b/c it's highlighted in my bible) at me, but I it didn't feel exactly right.  Then, my eyes travelled up the page a little and there was this one.  What really spoke to me might be hard for me to put into words.  I've talked about this in bible study a little, I don't have a real fear of the Lord.  Really, it's a good thing like I'm not scared of Him, because I know He loves me and forgives me for stuff and all that.  But, it's more than that even.  It's like I'm so concerned with the world, the temporal things in this life.  I'm worried about my job, my car, my house, my husband, money, food, the heater breaking down when it's 5 degrees in the morning, the pipes freezing, June being sick.  It's real stuff to be worried about, to be sure.  But I'm so concerned with all this stuff, and not so much God.  I come back to God, when I should have started with God.  In reality, God has shown Himself faithful to me over and over and over and I'm pretty sure will continue. 
I don't think (to me) the verse means that I should be scared of God all the time.  And, I don't think that I will ever be untouched by trouble.  Because, let's face it: I'm a magnet for problems.  To me, this verse is a reminder that I can be content knowing that I'm doing things to please God, not people. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just smile

Okay, first up:  here is the square for January for the VS quilting bee.  Jodie at Sew Handmade asked for houses.  She also said we could add some landscaping, and as soon as I read that I thought of a hexagon tree.  I've been diggin' hexagons lately so thought that might be fun.  I have to say that the sizing was a little tricky for me.  She wanted a finished size of 12.5" and each time I would cut out a house piece it seemed like it would be way too big.  But, in the end I had a lot more room than I thought I did.  Overall a fun block, I'd like to try more with regular fabric.
January bee square
So last weekend I worked on this mini quilt.  I've been loving the mini quilts I've seen all over on Flickr and wanted to try one.  I also love the look of the banners I've seen on pillows (like this and this and this) and such.  I also wanted to try the whole drawing with the sewing machine thing.  Sort of tricky.  I realized while sewing the bunting that there was NO way I'd be able to do a little girl with my machine.  Nope.  So did embroidery instead.  Not sure I love that either.  But, overall I think it's okay.  I really like the binding :)
first mini quiltAnd, in case you can't make it out on the pic above, a sweet little surprise:sweet
I took this in to work to show the girls because I'm always talking about what I work on and it was so fun when they found the "sweet"!
Okay and I also started a table runner like last week and finished it last night.  I, um, decided to try the free motion again (and no, I haven't ordered the darning foot yet) I think it went okay???  Not tragically terrible, but not the tight curly stitching that might be possible with the right equipment.  Also, my pinwheel middles don't match up but I must admit that I'm just lazy and kind of didn't care to take them apart and be fussy about it.  eh.
pinwheel table runnerLove the hedgehog print, it's one that I bought at the quilt store in Chico with my Mom when we got back from Florida.  The pink, turquoise, and the pretzel print are all fabrics from my BF Jeannette.  Awhile back her Grandma passed away and she is just starting to part with a bunch of her things.  She had a tote of fabric that she just couldn't bring herself to sell at a yard sale, she wanted it to go to someone else she loves who would love to use it.  Aren't I lucky to have such a friend to think of me???  Anyways, I wanted to put them to use right away and I will always think of both of them when I look at it.  The back fabric is something that I have had in my stash for a few years now.  I bought it at Joann's on super clearance not having any clue what I'd use it for but I loved it.
table runner back
Finally, I'll leave you with a smile - a Rocky smile, that is!  He mimicks a human smile and it's the funniest thing you've ever seen.  So, no he's not growling - he's smiling :)
Rocky smiling

Friday, January 14, 2011

VS hexie pillow

So here's what went down last weekend: I got a fabulous new purse!  Here's the story:  Jan and I went to see Tangled on Sunday with Mya and her MIL Susan.  So we are walking out to the parking lot after the movie and Susan goes "Oh! the purse!" I had no idea what she was talking about, but she says come to Jan's car, she has a purse I might like.  It was in a plastic bag so I couldn't really see anything but the bottom, but here's the thing - Susan always has rally cute purses so of course I said I'd want it!  When I got to my car and took it out of the bag it was like instant love!!!  Basically I am lucky to be on the receiving end of any of Susan "hand me downs" because they are always super cute and in perfect condition.  Love.
Also, what went down last weekend was a lot of puppy love.  Of course my pups are full grown, but you know what I mean.  They were so lovey.  Here's Joey getting in my face as I was trying to take a picture close up of the pillow on the chair :)  Isn't he sweet???  And, then Rocky and Joey sleeping together in front of the heater.
And, Rocky just snoozing with all 4 paws in the air!  Silly dogs.
And, here's the pillow I made!  so, I started with the hexagons back in summer before I went to Florida.  I even toted them with me thinking I would start sewing them together into a table runner.  Of course, I didn't end up doing that and they have sat in my hexagon pouch this whole time.  Then, I thought they needed to be a pillow since I needed some color in my living room!  The white backround does have a flower pattern that is not as pronounced in real life.  For the binding I just cut along the bottom edge of a sheet along the seam since it's already folded and nicely pressed.  It was just a teensy bit too short, but easy fix.

Friday, January 7, 2011

it was bound to happen eventually.....

2 days ago I found my first gray hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been on the lookout for a few years now, and every time I thought I'd found one I realized it was just a really blond piece.  So I wasn't worried at first when I was washing my hands in the bathroom downstairs at work - but I still grabbed the piece and ran up the stairs holding it to have Vikkie (the other receptionist) inspect it in actual day light by the window.  She confirmed that it was indeed a silver hair, and graciously ripped it out for me when I asked.  I have to admit that as far as grays go it was a pretty silvery white. 

So, the fun news of this post is:  Last night was our Christmas party (a little late since the docs were out of town most of December) and I got to wear the dress that I wanted to wear last year but was a little too tubby to do!  I ended up wearing a cardigan still because it was freezing last night!  The party was fun, food delicious and the atmosphere good.  All in all, good stuff :)

No pics, but I am almost done piecing together the flower squares for the quilt top for the vintage sheet bee.  I thought last weekend I could have been done but thought I wanted to add another row of fleurs so still stitching.  I haven't quite decided if I am going to make some tiny flowers like this one??  I thought I might do a bunch and then make it into a border - but I have a little confession, I'm kind of over making flowers.  So, might not do that.  Any suggestions?  I thought I might do a solid color border then one of my favorite sheets bordering the solid.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Scripture Memory Verse of 2011

"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it"! Psalm 118:24, NIV.
Why did I pick this verse?  It came to me either yesterday or the day before, I don't remember.  Sometimes I feel like I live in groundhog day, the movie.  Every day is the same - I wake up and rush rush rush to get to work, work, go home, do the night's activities (depending on the night it could be a little different) and then eat dinner, go to sleep and do it all again.  Weekends, pretty much the same except replace work with sewing ;)  So, yeah I have a regular routine.  Which is good, I'm not complaining about that, it just sometimes feels monotonous, possibly boring.  But, the other day I was praying and thanking God for the things that are good in my life and realized that every day there is something (lots of things really) that are good, great or fabulous!  There are things that are not quite as fun also but that should not be my focus!  Today, I am glad that this is the day the lord has made and I will rejoice! :)
And, holy cow and hallelujiah!  When I posted my comment/verse on the Living Proof Minitry blog there were 3,273 comments/verses!  So far, and really it will probably be even more than that!  3,272 other people all memorizing a scripture!!!!!  So cool.