Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today totally feels like a bonus day!  All week the forecast called for rain and snow showers this weekend, but when I woke up this morning (at 8:30 y'all!) it was nice and sunny!!!!  Yesssssss!  Still cold, but who cares?  The sun is out :)  So, I rode my bike to the library (44 degrees out) and it was glorious!  It's funny because I haven't ridden my bike for at least a year so the tires got flat, and I do have a pump with a few different ends for different types of things to fill with air.  I've tried several times to pump up the tires and gotten frustrated and given up.  Today I tried all of the different ends and then it was like a light went off!  No end necessary!  I'm not the most handy type person out there, but hey, I finally figured it out! 
Night before last I had a crazy urge to knit a monster.  I had no pattern, so yesterday I scouted one out on Ravelry it's in pink in the picture but I'm making mine green, hee hee.  Don't even ask why I felt the urgent need to knit a monster because I have no idea.  I don't have size 3 double pointed needles but did pick up a set of size 4 vintage plastic ones at the thrift a few months ago.  They are not entirely ideal as you can imagine plastic does bend a little bit.  Maybe it's better though because I can get my guage pretty tight and I'm not usually a tight knitter.  I started a stripey scarf about a month ago and will eventually finish that and put up some pics.
I bought the new Needtobreathe CD yesterday and I love it!  I was given a gift certificate to Evangel for my birthday and finally made it into the store while my clothes were at the laundromat.  So I have loved Needtobreathe for-ever!  I had their two previous CD's but like a ding dong let someone borrow them who lives in another state.  So, they have never been returned, bummer.  I was looking at the CD's and for some reason had a little hesitation since I haven't listened to them in like 2 years.  Luckily the store has one of those things you can scan the upc and it will play the cd for you and I was brought right back to loving them again!  Last night when I got home I put the cd in and knitted the behind of the monster with June laying next to me, it was coolio.

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