Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday morning.  I woke up about 3 or so and realized I didn't need to be to work until 8:30 so could still sleep!  Couldn't quite get back to sleep so about 6:30 decided to just get up.  I put on a knitting podcast and finished up the head of the bunny I've been working on for-ever!  I think I mentioned that the pattern is written to knit on two needles flat and then seam along the bottom and I decided to wing it and knit in the round.  So, once I got down to 12 stitches across 3 needles I added the eyes and stuffing.
 Then added an extra decrease so there wouldn't be a gap at the front.  Added more stuffing.
 Before closing up the hole I threaded a large eye needle and went back and forth behind the eyes and pulled tight to create little indents.  You can see the ears in the backround ready to be sewn on.
 My row counter that came as a gift with my favorite knitting magazine a few years ago pooped out a couple weeks ago.  I was super bummed because it's a cute owl shape.  I thought maybe I could find another cute shaped one online - but NO!  This is the cutest one I could find, if you look close there's a little smile under the numbers.  Riddle me this, though!  I bought it from ebay for $1.58 - free shipping! from CHINA!  How is that even possible?  Shipping a package anywhere is more than $1.58 let alone the price of the product.  Ca-ray-zay!  But, I got it in the mail in a fair time frame and it did indeed come from China.  I can't wait to try it out.

 I worked this morning and so did Jan so afterwards we got together for our bi-weekly manicures that we do ourselves.  I didn't do that great this time.  I cut my ring finger nails tooooo short so they look weird to me and then my polish was just all over the place and ugggg.  It's still pretty though - and I do love me some glitter!
Most days lately I don't cry.  I feel like my chest is sunken and I still miss Scott like crazy.  Last weekend there was some drama and I cried a TON on Sunday.  But, this week, processing the events, I think it will be okay.  Last night I went to a Christian concert at a new coffeehouse that just opened.  I debated about going because sometimes going alone to things just sound dumb.  But, staying home felt dumb too.  So I went for a bit.  The group I saw I knew the singer and the drummer.  Surreal though because back in the day it would have been Scott drumming that I would be watching, supporting.  Scott was a very distinctive, intuitive drummer.  There was one song last night that almost sounded like it could be him drumming and it took the wind out of me!  I could hear the way he'd drum to that song, there were parts that it could have been him but of course wasn't.

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