Saturday, May 31, 2014

the haps

I just realized that I haven't mentioned at all that I've been knitting.  I'm working on a stripey bunny!  And you know what?  I think by now I might be able to write my OWN pattern!  Not saying I will because I don't know if I can be clear enough about what I'm doing, but I've moved completely past using the Mother Bunny pattern that I love so much.  Because really, I haven't been using it - I've modified it so much that it is not the same anymore.  I'm going to experiment with the head and then if it works I'll put instructions here or ravelry or something.

Here's what I've got so far, two legs and a stripey body.  I just started one of the arms Tuesday night.  

 I forgot to show what my nails look like!  Last Saturday Jan and I did our nails together with my couture nail kit.  The red is sparkly and it's called red carpet.  The blue is actually a different brand called Gelish, with a sparkle layer over top and then Jan drew the silver hearts for me.
 I did a LOT of bag making last weekend!  I think I mentioned that I ended up buying the lined drawstring bag pattern from In Color Order?  She has one as a free tutorial on her blog but I wanted a bigger bag and turns out I'm not great at the math to figure out dimensions!  So I bought the pattern even though it kills me to spend $9 for a pdf!  There are like 8 sizes included and this one I believe is the project size.  It is indeed the perfect size for a knitting project.
 Karyn that knits at the shop asked me if I'd make her a project bag and I of course said yes.  She asked for a smallish one that might fit in her purse.  That's the second picture below.  But she gave me a ton of fabric to work with so I made her a bigger sized one as well.  The stripey lining was from my stash.  The smaller one I used a metal zipper that I had in my stash and I must say I hate (!) metal zippers.  It was super bulky.  But, the end result was fine and that's what matters.

Today I went to my first for reals adult yoga class.  At a yoga studio.  I felt like an uber amateur and even though the instructor watered it down a ton to accommodate the newbies like me in the class I couldn't quite do the poses.  And there was a kind of expectation that I would love it and I can't say I did.  The gal I went with I think really did and so that's good.  I'm just hoping I didn't hurt the instructors feelings when I said I didn't love it.  But, I'm not going to lie either.  She was lovely and it was peaceful so it really wasn't personal at all.  She said to make a decision after 3 classes.  Saturday mornings are free so I'll give it another go and see.

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