Saturday, May 3, 2014

new quilt

Welp folks a new quilt pattern has caught my eye!  Reading my blog roll this morning on bloglovin' I came across Moda Bake Shop and this pattern called Floral Gatherings.  And you know I have all that kind of fabric already!  Not the Moda specific fabric but all colors and such.  I'm heading out to the craft house now!

I've added an addendum!  Here's how far I got today - I'd say pretty good :)
 So I got almost everything cut out.  I ran out of solid white but will replenish that tomorrow at Joann's.  I have a coupon :)  So the pattern just had the little corner 4-squares as the lighter tan but I thought it would be fun to mix it up and add the darker browns.  I'm still debating if I'm going to add sashing or not???  Maybe?  Or not. IDK.
This is the first completely finished square - it is giant!  It's like 36 inches~ I didn't measure it but the pattern says that's what it would turn out as.

Aaaaand, because my puppies are just so cute!  Here's some pictures of them.  Don't mind the spray bottle that fell off the ironing board in the backround.  

 And Rocky was punishing his shark toy.  I couldn't get a still picture of him because he was really getting it!
 And then he just flopped onto it.  He is so funny with his toys.  He goes from annihilating them to snuggling them.

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