Sunday, April 27, 2014

whimsy in the kitchen

This post is mostly for my Mom.  I was trying to explain to her this plate that I painted a few years ago that is very sad but kinda cute.  I wish I could find my original inspiration because truly if you saw that next to this you'd laugh as hard as I did!!!!!  This is a classic example of what always happens to me - I get an idea and I just know it's going to turn out super cute!  And then it doesn't somehow translate to real life.  

And I've been seeing on blogs and Pinterest these embroidery hoops with fabric all arranged together cute.  I thought I'd also throw in one of my favorite pictures of Scott and I.  I'm not sure I like how it all turned out?  It's a tighter grouping in person, I think the angle of this picture makes the top one look really far away from the others.  The turquoise backround with daisies I had some crocheted trim that I picked up somewhere so I just gathered it around and stuck it down with hot glue.  The bright pink is vintage sheet.  The top right is little apples!  Eeeek I love those little apples.

 This little hoop I decided to try out another thing I keep seeing that I think is cute: embroidered sayings in hoops.  My embroidery is not super clean, like my stitching is hard to read I think.  EH.  It says, "Thus far has the LORD helped us" which is from one of my favorite verses 1 Samuel 7:12.  I was going to put Scott's favorite verse "This too shall pass" to help remind me to stay present and enjoy the now - but thought this is also a good reminder that God has helped me get this far and He won't abandon me.
 Here's a close up of the picture.  This was taken the day we got engaged!  We were so young.  I was 19 and he was 20.  We had come up to Oregon to visit his parents who were at the time living here.  This was in September, I believe.  In 3 months he would be leaving to re-enlist in the Army and he wanted me to meet his parents before he left.  It must have been a test and I passed because on the drive home he proposed.  That big old green truck was so much fun!  He named it Stomper.  It was big, and loud!

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