Saturday, April 26, 2014

knitting and weekend update

I started a knitted fox.  And then ripped it back at least 4 times!  First off I haven't done intarsia before which is knitting with multiple colors.  I thought I needed to carry the colors across, so the first time that's what I did and I pulled it nice and tight thinking that would be great!  Then got to the end and the nose was folded in on itself!  Riiiiiip.  Did that twice.  Rip.  Then I was off on my count. Rip.  Then, I finallllly watched a youtube tutorial, thought I had it - didn't.  Rip.  Watched a different youtube and realized what I was doing wrong, got about half way and realized I was on the compete wrong color anyway!  Grrrr.  About here I was starting to think, who needs a knitted fox anyway?  But I stuck with it.  Here's a view from the inside.  
 You can see where the colors change you sort of loop one color around the other.  At each start point of the next color you have another length (or bobbin, or ball of yarn) to pull from so you're not twisting the yarn all up.  
And here you can see how the fox face is shaping up.  It's quite a bit smaller than I thought it would be, a lot smaller than my bunnies have been.  So, will be rethinking how I do the eyes because my regular safety eyes are huge on it!

So, last weekend I drove down to Chico, where my Mom and bestie live.  The weekend before was my Mom's birthday and Jeannette and her family were having a huge family even at their Catholic church (baptisms, confirmations for all of them, first communion) on the night before Easter so I thought it would be a good time to visit.  I would say this may have been the best visit in a long time.  My Mom and I had a great, low key visit - the best kind.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we got to sit out in her back yard and enjoy it together.  We hit up Goodwill and I found a TON of great books.  Even a couple skirts and pants!

And then, I went to Easter Vigil.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had been told it would be 3 hours so honestly I was thinking 8:30-11:30 pm was a looooong time sitting in a church!  But, it was great!  Everyone was very welcoming.  There was a lot going on, no time to be bored at all!  And, watching Jeannette and her family takes these steps together, as a family, was so great!  And the singing!  These ladies and men who sang had voices of angels.  Yes, at midnight I was feeling tired, but it was so worth it!

Sunday Mom and had our normal delicious breakfast at Italian Cottage.  And then we went to Barnes and Noble and picked out magazines and found a comfy spot.  I found two totally awesome British versions of knitting magazines, Mom treated me to one cuz those suckers are expensive!  The one I bought was $16!  But, they don't have it in Klamath so it was worth it.

It was hard to leave but I was missing my puppies!  And there's a time limit on when I could pick them up so I had to jet.  It was a great visit though.

Oh and P.S. remember how last post I was thinking spring had sprung?  Well, in true Klamath fashion it snowed this week!  And it's cold again!  But, the farmers need the water so I won't complain.  (too much)

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