Monday, April 7, 2014

weekend catch up

Warning! Lots of pictures :)

Saturday morning I drove back down to Dry Lagoon hoping to catch low tide.  No such luck.  You can see here where the water is, is usually where I would be looking for agates!  Oh well.  

Before I left the hotel I had texted my friend Michelle to see what time/where she and her family would like to meet up.  I had a personal item that had been Scott's that I wanted to give to Dave (her husband) because they were good friends.  The closer I got to the beach the spottier cell coverage became.  So, I just figured we'd catch up later in the day if I went into town for food or something.  So, I'm wandering around the beach, hoping to find a wayward agate and who comes walking up with a little girl on his shoulders?  Dave!!!  Behind him were a few boys and Michelle.  You see, they have 7 kids!  3 of the older kids weren't there so there were some friend substitutes :)  The older kids are too cool to hang out with their parents and siblings on a Saturday afternoon *grin*.
 They were headed to Fern Canyon and asked if I wanted to ride along in their ginormous van?  Why, yes please!  And, right before getting into the van, Scott's mom and sister were just getting to their car so I also got to give them farewell hugs and well wishes.

And off we went for an adventure.  I'm glad I drove with them because in a few parts there were like streams across the road to drive through and I'm not sure my little Honda would do so well. Maybe.  But I'm glad I didn't have to find out that it wouldn't.

So!  Fern Canyon.  It's beautiful!  You walk through a creek bed in a crevasse that the walls are just covered in ferns!  And greenery and fallen trees and all kinds of stuff.  It was great.  It was a hike, climbing over said fallen trees and rocks and whatnot.  At one point Dave called me a mountain goat, in the nicest way possible because at that moment I was hopping up the side of the hill!
 I found this little toadstool on the top of a rock that was covered in plants.
So, the whole time we were joking about a t-rex coming around the corner at any second.  The older kids were like "whatever" but the youngest sort of believed it.  But, really, in this picture doesn't it look like Jurassic Park a little?  

 Check out this banana slug on a fern leaf.
 I think we were done by about 3 or so.  Definitely a great way to spend a few hours!  It was nice to spend time with Dave, Michelle and their kiddos.  They've always been the kind of friends where years can go by and you don't see each other, and then you do and just pick right up where you left off.  Plus, it was nice to be around friends who knew Scott and we could reminisce a little.  Good times for sure.

After that, it was back to the beach!  There was  a spot that I actually found a few agates.  Then, I got soaked!  So decided my chair and drying off would be perfect.  So I knitted for awhile.
 I know this just looks like a long tube, and it is.  But, on the back I will be adding in a heel and it will be a sock!  As I was sitting there a lady walked up and asked me what I was working on?  I showed her the sock and she said she was a knitter too!  She was staying in Eureka and told me about the yarn store there that she had been to.  I told her I was staying in Crescent City and told her about the yarn store there!  I've decided that so far I've only come across friendly knitters.  Such kindred spirits they are.
Here's the yarn I picked up at the yarn shop.  I could NOT resist that neon sock yarn!!!!! eeeeee!!!!!  And the other two will be making a fox :)

Sunday I got up early and hit the road.  I missed my boys.  I briefly debated staying the day at the beach in Crescent but my boys won out!  I got back just in time to pick them up for the vet early pick up (saved $32) and my boys were so happy to see me!!!!  Poor Rocky has arthritis in his right shoulder and I could tell that it was bothering him.  Major couch time for him.  When I got home, there was this beautiful pot of flowers and the sweetest card!  So thoughtful and cheery.
 I had taken today off, which is Monday, because I wasn't sure how I would be feeling after this weekend.  I'm glad I did because I slept in till 10am with my boys.  It's sunny and I have the back door open for the boys to enjoy the sun, which Joey took full advantage of this morning!
 Here are the agates I found this weekend.  There's on really big one and one that is gray that is pretty cool.  Mostly it's just the fun of finding one in the middle of the gravel washed up from the ocean.
Today I'm doing laundry and chilling with my pooper-doos.  I am going to go sit out in the sun and start knitting that fox.

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