Saturday, June 9, 2012

gadgets and tea

Okay, so I'm taking a break from quilting because I ran out of thread!  LOL.  I thought I had 3 spools of the variegated jewel thread but apparently not.  I think I'll be done with the quilt later today or tomorrow if I poop out :)  So, I got the chance to try out a new gadget this morning.  I had seen it on one of my favorite  quilting bloggers posts and had to try it out.  I saved the torn into package in case you'd like to track one down also.  It's called Kwik Klip and it's for when you are basting with safety pins.  The wooden thing with the metal at the top is the gadget.  So, you know how when you are pulling the safety pin together and have to get the pointy end caught in the little top part (geez I'm so technical!) and your fingers can start to get sore after a gazillion pins?  Well with this thing you get the pin through the layers and then just use the metal part of the gadget to slip the pin closed.  There are little grooves on the end that hold the pin while closing, it's super easy!  Really glad I tracked this down.  Also another little help has been keeping my pins in a little jar.  I just mod podged on some of my favorite fabric to disquise the branding on the lid.  Good stuff.
Last Sunday a few ladies and I got together for high tea in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  It was wonderful!  We all wore hats and dresses up, Charese and I even had our white gloves on!  This is funny, Jennifer if you read this post - I wore the gloves from when I was a bridesmaid in your wedding!  I've held onto them all this time just in case and they were perfect!  100_3104[1] Here's a shot of the table, it was beautiful, and we noshed on finger sandwiches, english muffins with jam, olives, cheese stuffed dates, and individual trifles for dessert!  And, of course, there was no shortage of tea which was lovely.  Funny thing, it started getting overcast and rainy as soon as our tea party started so we really felt that we were in England!  Course the rain and cold have stuck around all week!  Today is a high of 51.
And, off to Joann's for thread!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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