Sunday, June 24, 2012

hairyness or the lack thereof

This will have to be a super quick post but I just wanted to chime in.  I got my hair cut yesterday and it's such a funny thing.  I had started a couple years ago to grow my bangs out.  Which, if you've ever tried to do, you know that it is a painfully annoying process.  There are so many awkward stages.  Well, anyways, in growing my bangs the rest of my hair took the cue.  And then I thought, hey why not see how long it can get?  So I did.  It got about to my bra strap (halfway down my back) before it started to get all broken and yucky looking and super annoying.  So, yesterday Annette cut it all off and it will be mailed to "Locks of Love" to hopefully help make a wig for a cancer patient.  Grin.  And now I am back to me!  I instantly felt like I had gotten myself back when my cut was done.  That's what I mean about funny - like my hair being long or short should make me more or less me :)
 BTW did I mention how I got a new giant bubble wand and it's the bomb diggity?  I did and I love it. 

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