Sunday, April 10, 2016

beach thoughts

I know I've been quiet for a bit.  There has been so, so much going on.  In life, in my thoughts, in my emotions.  Just too much really.

Last weekend Rocky and I drove over to the coast.  Monday, April 4th was the third angelversary of my Scott's death.  I knew what to expect from the previous 2 years.  This year there is a deeper sadness that I can't exactly explain, nor do I really want to.  Everything boils down to life moving on, away from him, without him.
Maybe I'll elaborate another day when I have the energy.  Really, though, I just miss him so much and he is missing so much.

As usual, the beach is the perfect place for me to be.  The water all the days I was there was the color of Scott's eyes - deep blue.  Depending on the clouds, it could change to grey as well.  For the most part the weather was perfect.  Blue skies, sunny.  But it was really very windy which made it cold.  Here you can see the wind blowing up Rocky's ears.  Oh yeah, don't mind my finger in the shot there. ha

Here's Rocky longing to run down the beach and make friends with the dog by the water.  Oh how he wished me could be "off leash".  But, I'm afraid I may lose him if I let him run free.  Because he would run and run.

Tuesday we just walked on the beach at Crescent City.  Again, super windy but walking it felt fine.

Coming home was actually nice, this new house is so comfortable.  The bathroom is still a work in progress, but otherwise is coming together nicely.

Today I painted the walls in the bathroom.  Some of the wall texture stuff got on the ceiling which needs to be sanded off and then I'll paint the ceiling too.  I really love the way this color turned out - it's really limey and sherbert-y.  Oh, yeah that is my living room lamp in there since the light is not installed yet.

I almost forgot.  Yesterday I actually sewed something in my new sewing room!  Yes.  So a friend of mine asked me to make a mastectomy drain apron for a friend of hers that is having a mastectomy in May.  Of course I said I would make one for her!  I googled it to get some direction.  Turns out they are so easy.  I am going to make a couple so she can choose.

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