Saturday, April 30, 2016

jelly beans socks

I'm totally procrastinating right now.  I really need to deal with the overgrown grass in the back yard.  But!  I can find so many distractions in the house that I'd rather do!  All things that need to be done...

I finished the Bickersstraat socks I had been working on.  I started these at the end of February and finished them on Thursday at lunch.  I have yet to weave in the ends but otherwise they are done.  I've been referring to these as my Jelly Bean Socks because of the speckles.  So, I have a confession about these socks.  I almost didn't finish them.  I got just past the heel on the first sock and felt like I could not stand one more second knitting them! uggggggggggg.  But I love the yarn so much and wanted the finished product so I knit on.  I cast on the second sock just as soon as the first one was finished so I would not be tempted to quit.
You can see in the top corner of the above photo some lilacs.  Last weekend I clipped a nice big bouquet of lilacs and enjoyed them all week.  So you know how they say that memory is tied strongly to scent?  Yeah, I proved that with these lilacs!  I used to fill the house Scott and I shared with lilacs in the spring - lilacs basically in every room!  I haven't done that in years and had forgotten how fragrant they are.  So beautiful and a reminder of "us".

I finished the Jelly Bean Socks and immediately cast on a new pair!  I've been wanting to try a pair of socks with contrasting heels and toes.  I also wanted to use the yarn that I just got at the coast.  So!  I've picked the Mrs. Weasley's Family Socks pattern by Molly of A Homespun House.  So.  A bit about the pattern.  I'm really just using the texture.  The pattern is cuff down with a traditional type heel.  That's just not my style so I'm doing toe up and plan to use the fish lips kiss heel pattern that I have been doing.  I will confess that the cheapo in me hated paying for a pattern just for the texture which is like just finding out where to put a purl bump.  Which I had guessed by looking at it but felt like a turd and like I should just buy it already.  Which I did.  

I really tried to get a picture that shows how vibrant and beautiful this yarn is and it sort of comes across but not really.  It is vibrant and rich and tonal and pink!  The contrast color is one that I have had in my stash for like, ever.  It is Colinette yarns Jitterbug and the colorway is called Cherry.  It's one that I saw and gasped and HAD to have.  And I've been hoarding it for just the right thing.  

I wasn't sure if the two yarns/colors would play well together but I had to try!  I am loving how it looks so far!!  Loving.  The main color yarn is from a company I have not heard of called Kraemer, it's their Sterling silk and silver blend.  I will say that both yarns are sort of crunchy.  Which means that they are very woolly, not as soft, don't slide through my fingers as easily.  But!  as a knit fabric they are super squishy.

I guess I should get busy and do my chores.  Yeah.  I'll feel better once it's done.  Right?

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