Sunday, August 19, 2012

another bunny

It's funny to me that it seems like all I want to do is knit!  I am totally digging sitting out in my adirondack chair in the shade with the dogs running amok in the back yard.  It's just perfect.  I decided that Max, the bunny that I had knit before needed a mate - you know, since they're bunnies :)  So, here's Vi.  Like I do with every creature I make I think of a story in my head.  Vi likes to play the violin while Max reads classic literature in his study with his pipe.  100_3176[1]100_3177[1] They are quite a sweet little couple of bunnies.
Not sure if you can tell but her eyes are purple.  I had bought them awhile ago for the amigurumi that I was making and have really enjoyed the colors.  You can find them here.  It's sort of hard to find a good safety eye.  For Vi and Max's sweater, I used this pattern and I have just loved it.  V. Easy to follow and the outcome is cute.
I have been working on the vintage sheet quilt but have hit a wall.  I have one white sheet left and I'm hesitating to cut into it because it's in really good shape and has a pretty rose pattern across the top so I've been debating whether I actually want to use it.  I looked at Goodwill but so far no luck.  And, I've been thinking that I might be moving on to another baby quilt.  I've been looking for the perfect pattern, which I may have found so the vs quilt may be on the shelf for a bit.

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