Saturday, September 1, 2012

to pickle or bust

Today I checked out the farmer's market hoping to find cucumber to pickle.  One of the ladies I work with had been there last weekend and said she had gotten a whole bunch.  I got there a bit later than I had thought I would and at first was kind of disappointed that I missed the boat.  There were cucumbers at a few vendors but they were either too big or not the right kind.  I asked at one booth and he said they were just starting to produce and to check back next week.  Huh.  I took another turn hoping I'd missed something somewhere.  I asked at the very last booth and she said "in the cooler."  Score!  I picked out about 70 cukes, some jalepenos and garlic.  Next stop was the grocery store and I got the very last bunch of dill!  I've never garned so much attention as when I was walking through the store with that giant (and I do mean giant) bunch of dill!  I had no less than 5 people comment!  It was hilarious.  One guy wanted to go with me home to make pickles!  Now I just need to find some grapes leaves and I'll be good to go.  There are some vines up the road so I'm going to stop and ask if I can have a branch - wish  me luck!

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