Saturday, September 29, 2012

I must be crazy

Because yesterday I got off work 45 min early because I was in danger of running over hours.  I was set freeeeeeee! So, I thought, I'll just drop in Jo-ann's and see what's up.  Last week everything was 75%.  Starting yesterday everything is 90% off!!!!!  Holy cow dude.  I thought the parking lot was kind of packed, and this explained why.  People were buying up fabric like mad, me included!  I also scored a couple of books and a dvd on how to knit cables, bobbles and lace!  I saved $285!!!! After waiting 2 hours in line.  What makes me crazy?  I called Jan this morning and she was down there again (she was there yesterday too) and said the line wasn't too long.......I took the quickest shower known to man and drove down there.......and waited in line another 2 hours!  BAH!  I'd say it was worth it though.  Between last night and today I saved like $500!  I scored a bunch of Denyse Schmidt cotton, some brown Kona solid and lots of thread, pearle cotton thread, more fabric and nice ribbon.  Oh, and double pointed knitting needles and a cable needle.

In 2 weeks will be the grand opening of the new store and frankly I feel sort of bad for it.  We've all just been spoiled by 75-90% off everything and will turn our noses up at a mere 50%.  Or will we? 

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