Sunday, July 29, 2012

one the design wall now

Okay, so you know how my singer pooped out and I'm using my super old metal machine? It's been great and all but I was getting really worried that I would not be able to free motion quilt with it. I stopped into the vacuum/sewing machine repair shop and they had a low shank darning foot and it works! So excited. And, looking for something to really test it out with rather than a test square. Awhile ago I participated in an online quilting bee with vintage sheets. Before sending out a square I would usually do a test square since I was very, very new to quilting and didn't want to send complete crap to someone. I saved the squares thinking that they might make a fun sampler quilt. Perfect for a quick to put together project, right? That's what I thought, too :) Here's what I have so far: 100_3168[1] You can see the top row is bordered with white and the rest is sort of jumbled. At first I was wanting it to be all jumbled but my mind could not wrap around it. I'm blaming it on hat big house square.  It was actually bigger but I cut it down to 16 inches.  So, that is what is setting the standard for the rest of the squares.  So, I'm just sort of arranging them and then adding the white until it measures 16" and I think once it's all together they will still retain some "floati-ness".   It's funny because a few of the squares, the starburst at the bottom right, the butterfly, and the cat, were all testers for my month.  I wasn't sure what to do for my month and those were ideas that didn't make it.  Then, I had a stack of 5" squares and I thought I'd put them in as fillers between the others and that's kind of been fun.  That granny square at the top right was a pain in the bazoo, I'll tell you that! 
What else is new?  Well, I hate earwigs for one thing!  They are disgusting, vile creatures!  Why would I feel so strongly towards them?  Because they are eating my poor little zucchini plant!!!!!  BAH.  So, the war is on.  They struck first.

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