Saturday, July 21, 2012

bunny cuteness

I finished this knitted bunny a few weeks, possibly a month ago?  His name is Max.  I brought him home from work so I could take a couple pics for the ol' blog and where did I find him?  In a tree!  LOL 100_3166[1] I guess the kitchen was too boring :) 100_3165[1] I foung the pattern on Ravelry, it was for fuzzy mitten lamb and I just modified the ears.  Okay, and now I have something shocking to tell you - I bought a pdf pattern!  I know, I know.  I have reiterated several times that I'm too cheap to buy one, but this bunny really needed a sweater!  I had seen on this blog, Flutterby Patch some really cute bunnies and as usual tucked it away in my conciousness.  After knitting up this bun I bought this pattern and it was worth it!  Really easy to follow directions and perfect dimensions for Max.  I will eventually make a female companion for him :)
I had a surprise package waiting for me on the porch when I got home, from Mom so I knew it would be something fun.  It was heavy so I was thinking book?  Opened it and was so happy to find this picture:
100_3156[1] It is one of my favorites, ever! Love it. I put it right up on the wall. There were also, indeed, books: 100_3162[1] And fun fabric: 100_3159[1]100_3157[1] Love it. Today I am enjoying the nice weather, have repotted a couple plants and finished Jane Eyre this morning. Oh how I lvoe that book! I ordered myself a copy because I can't imagine that I won't want to read it several hundred more times!

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