Saturday, July 14, 2012


Okay, this is a phot catch up sort of post because I have been slacking a bit in the uploading area as of late. So, first up is a pic of how long my hair was before the chop. 100_3141[1] And, this is the after.  Nice up the nose shot, dontcha think?    This was taken right after the cut, I had been scrapbooking, took a break for the haircut, went back, snapped a pic and got back to scrapbooking.  I donated the ponytail to Locks of Love which is for cancer to make wigs.  Total length was about 12 inches!  100_3142[1] And, I started this quilt on a whim.  I wanted a quick project and a lady in our bible study is pregnant. I don't know if she'll really like it so much because I recall her saying that the nursery is going to be primary colors. But, I really like the way it turned out and figure that anyone can use an extra quilt, right? 100_3145[1] Here's the back.  I basically just copied the quilt I had just finished, the ugly fabric quilt.  These were taken prior to adding on the binding because I was having a little trouble picking a color.  I wanted to use something from my stash to avoid spending any moolah.  But, I really had my heart set on turquoise and had none in my stash.  So, I ended up buying more fabric anyway but had a good coupon.  So, imagine it with turquoise binding :)100_3146[1] I'll leave you with this, a picture of one of the flowers on my squash plants!!!!  I am so excited!  The other plants are also doing well but this is the first one to flower.  Isn't it beautiful?100_3154[1] Okay, I can't resist a dog picture!  I was snapping pics of my plants and the boys had to be in the middle of it.  You'll notice my jenky set up here with the plants elevated.  That's because those little stinkers finally noticed the plants and felt the need to try and help with watering if you know what I mean!  Argh!100_3151[1]Okay,  that's all for now, I've got to go get ready for a wedding!  Hope you all have a fab weekend!  It's nice and sunny and warm here and in the 80's - perfect!

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