Thursday, August 26, 2010

Florida, y'all!

I'm back! Had a little detour to Florida! It was fabulous!!!!! My Mom and I went to visit my Grandma who lives a little ways from Sarasota. I had not seen my Grandma since I graduated from High School in 1995, Ca-razy. So, not only was the scenery beautiful but it was great to get to know my Grandma a little bit. We went to the beach, hung out at the pool and took in the John and Mable Ringling Art Museum and mansion.
This is a picture of the courtyard of the Art Museum, I think they were working on the landscaping.
This is a bronze mold statue of David.

Front view of the mansion, called Ca'D'Zan, which in Venetian means "House of John". But, on the architect's blueprints the house was always referred to as Mrs. John Ringling's House because his wife Mable was really the one who was instrumental in the design and decoration of the house. It was absolutely magnificent and opulent.
We were driving through Sarasota and I got a picture of this statue from the car. It was huge and so cool. And, my pudgy little piggies in the sand! Doesn't everyone take a picture like that???
Allright, the big secret reveal of who the quilt was for: My Grandma! I really hope she likes it! She was definitely surprised.This is the beach in Sarasota, it was absolutely beautiful! The sand was white, scattered with shells and the water was sooooo warm! I did, of course, get sunburned. I didn't care though because I was determined to get to the beach! And, it was worth it. My Mom and I both had fun playing in the waves, it was great.

Here are some pretty sunsets, clouds, etc.

Okay, and as my Mom and I were walking through the Dallas/Fort Worth (MONSTER!) airport so my Mom could get some sweet tea (divine btw!) I spied a Red Mango frozen yogurt place, and knew I HAD to stop and try it!!!! I had half key lime pie and half vanilla with fresh blackberries as my topping and it was deeeelicious! That's all.

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roseylittlethings said...

what a sweet gift for your gma!