Sunday, August 8, 2010

waaa, waaa, waaa and a hexagon pouch

Sometimes what I've found is that it's better to just go back to sleep. Like, today, for instance. I woke up on the emotional side of the bed, everything was making me cry and I felt in a funk. I tried some sewing, no use. Went to church, great message that I needed to hear, umm really no use because then it made me cry. And, frankly, while I'm whining I also got a sunburn yesterday and I am so stinkin pale so they totally suck and I feel all ugh. But, the happy part of that is that I got the sunburn because Jan and I were yardsaling yesterday and it was super fun, so worth it. Started to watch a movie and found myself spacing out so took a 2 hour nap. Woke up feeling a little bit better.
So, I finished up the hexagon pouch yesterday and I have to admit that I super love it! I mostly followed the tute from Comfort Stitching, I think I've already mentioned that....but I added my own stuff, of course! Front view:
Hexagon pouch front
So for the back I finally used my current favorite fabric! Yes! See, last year when I went to the quilt store I bought a half yard, but didn't have the heart to cut into it. Why do I do that? But, went back to the store and bought a whole yard so felt okay about finally cutting. The thing is I would buy a whole lot more but it's like $10 a yard and let's face it: I'm cheap! Back view:
Hexagon pouch back
Hexagon pouch
The inside is really where I modified it to suit me. I am going on a trip next weekend I and need to take some hand sewing projects to keep me busy on the plane and such. So, I added a little pincushion, elastic to hold scissors, a velcro strap to hold thread, and a larger pocket on one side to maybe put some knitting needles or embroidery thread, or just taller stuff. Mmmmm, I forgot - I also added batting to give it some stability.
hexagon pouchcan I please just say, and I'm not being vain in the remotest right here, but I truly love that little toadstool! I feel like I should add a toadstool to everything. Okay, not everything. But you know what I mean!


roseylittlethings said...

sooooo cute! I love the toadstool too! eek

Jodie said...

I LOVE this! The hexagons on the front are beautiful!