Saturday, January 3, 2015

up before the sun

Isn't it funny (or not) that on the days you can sleep in most likely you wake up early? So I've been awake since well before 6am on my first real Saturday off in a few weeks!  I laid in bed for a loooooong time trying to will myself to sleep and it just wasn't happening.  Eh. So here I am about 1/2 way through my first cuppa coffee and there's a beautiful sunrise happening.  I tried to get a picture for you, but you know houses and trees and junk in the way.  But you can see the gorgeous pink peeking around.  I love that.
So, the giraffe is sooooo close to being finished but I couldn't wait to show how cute he is!  I just have the tail and a little sweater and he is donezo!  

Methinks today I will be sewing.  I put my modern maples quilt back up on the wall and have been staring at it again even though it's all sewn together.  I discovered when I put it up the wrong side up that I don't like part of it.  So, I may be seam ripping.  and resewing.  And, I was contemplating adding a border but I'm thinking no now.  And, I have new fabric to play with so I may add another row or two???  We'll see.

I almost forgot!  On new year's day, I had to sew something, but since I was still just staring at the quilt I made a potholder.  I was rummaging around and found this leftover churn dash block from my Nine Dash quilt.  So, I just made a little quilt sandwich with some toadstool fabric as the backing and used leftover quilt binding.  I mostly wanted to play with making flowers with my free motion quilting.  I didn't like the way it looked so ripped it out and just stippled.  I think the flowers would look better on a bigger project instead of this small one.  Or maybe, a flower in the middle with echo stitching might work for a small project?  Hmmmmm.
 P.S. don't mind all the amigurumi animals peeking around, tee hee!  There's a little built in shelf behind my stove that has become a little ami playground along with various ceramic toadstools.

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