Saturday, January 10, 2015

I changed a row of my Modern Maples quilt, the farthest row on the left in the picture below.  Previously it had just been the orange leaf at the top and then alternated beige and cream squares.  I realized that it was bothering me.  So, I seam ripped it apart and add the fuchsia and yellow.  You can't tell in the picture below but the yellow has little sheepies on it!  Bah!  love it.
Here's a close up of the fuchsia addition.  I really just love both of these fabrics so had to add it in somehow.

I just had to add this picture of my turkey cat George.  I know it's a bit blurry - eh.  While I was doing my nails last weekend she was investigating the tote I keep my nail supplies in!  Silly girl.
Another blurry picture.  Every day I come home for lunch, and have to wake Joey up from his snooze to give him lunch.  This picture was Thursday or Friday?  Not sure but he is laying across my pillows!  He work up right when I snapped the pic, but he had been so fast asleep!!  My dogs have it pretty good - pillows to sleep on and much love.

Here's what I made this morning.  I suddenly decided I need a double pointed needle holder for my sock project.  Basically it's just a rectangle of fabric, lined, folded over and snaps attached to hold the needles in there.  Not that I've had a needle mishap, but still.  I didn't really mean to match the yarn, just picked up two squares laying on my sewing table.  I love that I've gotten to use those vintage snaps that I've had for, like, ever! 

I'm kind of thinking I might like to make a roll up needles case next?  Not sure really, but thinking it would be nice to have the needles I use most often in one spot.  Easily accessible spot, that is.

 I'll leave you with this picture of my wildcat.  I just went to shut the back door and spotted her in the tree.  I love how her blue eyes stand out.  What are you up to today?   

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