Friday, January 30, 2015

new to instagram

I got a new toy!  I had been resisting buying a new ipod for sooooo long.  I just couldn't justify the expense since I have an ipod already that I love.  I have a little ipod shuffle which has been perfect for me!  Plus, Scott bought it for me so it's sentimental to me as well.  But!  I mentioned to Jan that I was thinking about it and she said her daughter wanted to sell her older model....which they get me a great bargain.  And, now I had no excuse not to be on instagram as well!  So I've been playing with it this week, getting used to it.

My regular camera is so much better for pictures but I haven't figured a way to transfer pictures from computer to ipod.  It might not be possible.  It's kind of fun though to just snap a quick picture of what's going on right that minute and share it.  So, this is what has been going on this week:

I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls.  I'm on season 6, which is not my favorite.  The two main characters are a mother and daughter and I really enjoy their relationship and banter and the beginning of this season they aren't talking to each other at all.  So up until about 1/2 way though the season it's missing that camaraderie.

I have been working on my year long stitch along, Storytime Sampler.  I'm pretty slow at it!  But, it's starting to take shape and that makes me happy. 
I have such an itch to cast on a new pair of socks!  I can't believe I don't have anything on my needles.  But!  The reason is that I want to try 2 at a time socks and I need to have a skein wound into two balls.  Which last time I tried to wind my own it was a disaster so I need to go into the yarn shop.  So, until that happens the needles are empty.  It's okay it's giving me time to also figure out what pattern I'd like to knit.

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