Sunday, December 28, 2014

week-end musings

In case you're wondering, I made it through Christmas.  The Christmas eve service at church was really nice, the music being the highlight for me.  Christmas day got to talk to my Mom which was a nice gift.  Spent most the day in my PJs.  Went to see the Hobbit at the movie theater.  Had a couple meltdowns.  It was very quiet and I did miss having family around.  But, I survived.  

I worked half days Friday and Saturday so the boys, George and I just chilled out in the afternoons.  I knit and listened to podcasts or books on CD.  Rocky got a new toy for Christmas and it's his new favorite.  He has been attacking it, carrying it everywhere, and then snuggling it on the couch.  

 Joey can be found napping anywhere, anytime.
 And then there's George.  She is sort of pesky this feline of mine.  She has to be right in the middle of whatever I'm doing.  She will even lay on top of my hand on the mouse!  I guess that means she loves me :)
 So, remember the giraffe pattern I told you about?  Here's what I've got so far:
It's pretty cute even without a nose or mouth yet.  I gave him blue eyes.  I have one leg finished as far as appendages go.

As I'm sure everyone is this time of year, I've been mulling about resolutions.  Not sure if I'm going to make any true resolutions since I don't really keep them anyway!  I definitely want to knit more socks.  And try to make a sweater.  I have a couple quilt tops that I need to finish and then quilt.  Yes, and lose weight.  Uggg fat is my nemesis.

So, I just edited this post to add some fabric pics!  Because the other thing going on around here is laundry.  I just took this load out of the dryer, isn't it lovely?  I am definitely a pre-washer for fabric.   

Anyhow, as I was folding this bunch of lovely, I was thinking about my resolutions that I wrote about above.  And the quilt tops I need to finish up.  and bam! just like that as I was folding this yellow bee fabric it hit me that this would be perfect in my rainy day quilt!  And the gray little piggy fat quarter might too.  I love when that happens.  Just going about normal life stuff and ideas happen :)  Next weekend, it might be all about sewing and quilting!

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