Friday, December 19, 2014

it's the piggies fault

I visited my Mom last weekend in Chico.  And she gave me gift cards to the quilt fabric store and yarn store.  And, I may have spent well over the gift card amounts both places and at a few others as well!!!!  Tee. hee.  But it was great fun!  Wanna see?

So, it doesn't look like much in the bag but it is stuffed full of 1/2 yard cuts. And yarn.

The quilt store was super fun, especially with Mom who was happy to share the fun with me!  So, I took a slow lap around the store seeing what collections they had before I started grabbing bolts.  There was a display table next to the cutting table and there was a fat quarter bundle of this Heather Ross print of piggies!  Oh those piggies just crack me up!  There are 3 colorways of pigs and then  coordinating prints.

And once I decided I had to have the piggies it was like I want this and this and this and and and.......
I've seen almost all of these prints online and have admired them on other people's blogs and in quilts. Which I know I should not covet but we don't have a quilt shop here that stocks anything close to such cute stuff.  The gal in the store was also fun, I'd pick something up and she'd be like "oh I didn't see that, that's cute.  Is there another one?"  I can tell I would not be able to work there unless I just worked for fabric!
After that we drove over to Heartstrings which is a cute little yarn shop.  They have a great selection of yarn and needles.  Since I had kind of gone way overboard at the fabric store I was quite restrained at the yarn shop.  I went in planning to buy circular needles so that I can attempt to do two at a time socks.  I also found some nice sock yarns to try.  The middle yarn was actually in the gift bag from my Mom that she found at a thrift store!  It's Opal yarn which I've been wanting to try as I've heard it's nice and holds up well.  I really like the colorway.
One of the places I love to go shopping at in Chico is the library!  The library has a book sale on Saturday mornings in the conference room.  The entire room is full of long tables covered in boxes FULL of books.  I used to go specifically to look for books on tape for Scott.  He had a love of books on tape or cd so I'd go there and scoop up some great deals!  It became something I liked as well so now I just like to go check it out.  I came away with a shopping bag full of books and one book on cd, which I think is a success.

Saturday night I met my best friend Jeannette to watch a Christmas music light show, which was really nice, fun and free!  

I have to say it was a really nice trip.  I grew up in Chico but have never wanted to move back "home".  Mostly because it never felt like home to me.  Usually when I visit I'm annoyed at the people and the traffic and the weather and and and.  This time though it was just nice to see Mom, we had fun shopping, and see Jeannette.  It was nice to get home to my puppy dogs who were sooooo happy for me to pick them up from the vet's office where I board them.

So Christmas is right around the corner!  I didn't end up putting up a tree.  I guess at this late in the game I won't.  Maybe I'll knit and sew up some ornaments and shoot for next year.

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