Sunday, December 7, 2014

a little rusty with the crochet skills

I have a FO (finished object) to share and it's actually crochet!  First off, let me just say that I tried a new coffee blend today!  It's Starbuck's holiday blend for 2014.  I'm so used to drinking french roast by now that I'm not sure if I like it?  But, you know, add enough sugar cookie creamer and it tastes just fine!
So, I don't remember how long ago - not long though - like 2-3 weeks ago, Jan asked if I would make a pair of boot cuffs for her to give to her daughter for Christmas.  I think at the time I was still working on the grey Jul hat, so I said it would have to wait but I would start at the beginning of December to make sure I'd get them done in time.  And dang if December didn't just sneak right up! ha.  Yesterday I realized I'd better get busy if I was going to be serious about this project.  I snooped around Ravelry for free patterns and found a couple.  

Now, me being me I would want something with a little frill or ruffle.  I came across this pattern called Scalloped Boot Cuff and I thought it was cute!  It is a crochet pattern, very easy and quick!  So, I'm not the fastest crocheter ever so I had read other projects that people had made and they were like "finished in an hour!" "two cuffs made during a movie!" and that sort of thing.  Yeah.  Let's see, I watched a 2+ hour podcast and then 2 movies last night and 2 podcasts this morning and finished.   To be fair, I did have to rip back a couple times because my stitch count would either diminish or multiply in spots.  Teee Heee.  Knitting makes more sense to me than crochet, what can I say?

But!  the finished product is cute!  So, I stuck one of them on my paper towel roll so you could see it in "action".  I plan on making a pair in off white/cream, this is my test knit - but I think these would look cute peeking out the top of some boots.   I also bought a cream color yarn that has a bit of sparkle that I might make for myself :)

Update on other knitting projects: I am about to start the heel on my Dumbledore Hermione socks.  I was getting nervous that I might be developing second sock syndrome, but this week felt the urge to pick them back up!  After that is done I am feeling like I want to knit another little animal - maybe a Bakery Bear or Gelatto Giraffe, which are both patterns by Kay Jones who is one half of the Bakery Bears podcast, which I love.  Before I start that though, I feel I should finish up the sweater I started for my little fox - it is winter after all I don't want him to get cold!

Ummm.  So, that's pretty much it here.  It's 48 degrees out and foggy and gloomy so I will no doubt spend the rest of the day either knitting or maybe sewing?  What are you up to???

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